REF May2017 Top Brokers: RETAIL
In the May issue of Real Estate Forum, we will be profiling some of the most prolific leasing and investment sales brokers in the retail real estate sector. This biennial feature will rank the top agents throughout the country, based on a years’ worth of transaction activity.

In order to even the playing field between nominees in varying markets, the editors have developed the following methodology: All nominees will be given a score for the three fields on the form—Total number, total dollar volume and total square footage of deals closed in 2016. The sum of the three scores will determine their final rank. 

The finalists will be presented in the May issue of Forum by overall rank, category and region, as well as in a special supplement on 


  • All transactions represented in the totals submitted must have closed between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016, and all nominees must have been directly involved with the transactions. If submitting a team, all members must have been directly involved with all the deals submitted for the entire group. 
  • For verification purposes, all nominees must provide a list of all transactions contributing to their 2016 year-end figures. Partial lists—such as blacked-out borrower/lender information—are acceptable, as long as the number and value of transactions is evident. Inability to provide this will result in disqualification. NOTE: This is for verification only and will remain fully confidential
  • All entries must be electronically submitted via this form. Late or incomplete entries will not be considered.

Deadline for submissions is midnight on March 31, 2017.

Please click through to the FAQs tab on this site for additional information on this feature or the submission process. 

For all other inquiries, contact Sule Aygoren, editor-in-chief, via email or at (212) 457-9659