Listed below are additional session materials for the Conference on Volunteering and Service. Please refer to the Session Locator for more details for each session, including session descriptions, speakers, and session tracks.

Session Name

A citywide volunteer initiative to spark youth's interest in career possibilities File 1 File 2 File 3 File 4

Building a Corporate Volunteer Program That Makes an Impact and Brings in Money File 1 File 2 File 3

Building and expanding leadership capacity as a strategy for community-wide impact File 1

Corporate Responsibility Advancement: The Nonprofit's Answer to CSR File 1

Creating a Mindful Workforce for the 21st Century: AmeriCorps Member Management File 1

Criminal History Check File 1

Deepening Community Engagement Impact in Environmental Issues Through Volunteerism File 1

Developing and Retaining Nonprofit Leaders through Skills-Based Volunteering File 1 File 2 File 3

Engaging Newcomer and Immigrant Populations in Volunteerism & Community Strengthening File 1 File 2  

Engaging Skilled Volunteers:  Catch 'Em and Keep 'Em File 1 File 2

Engaging the Military Community as Volunteers File 1 File 2

Engaging veterans and the second mission File 1

Focusing the Points of Light: A Model for Fostering Collaboration Between National Service Programs at the Local Level File 1

From an Idea to Reality: The success and impact of a high school honors and service society File 1

Getting the Right People On Board: Developing a Strong AmeriCorps Leadership Team That Guides, Supports, and Cultivates Trust File 1

Impacting the Future for Young Men of Color File 1

Infusing Social Justice into Volunteerism to Build Connectedness File 1  

Inspiring Staff Engagement and Readiness in Working with Volunteers File 1 File 2 File 3 File 4

Millennials Got You Down? File 1

New Strategies to Set Our Cities on a Brighter Path File 1

REP! Member Experience: Creating a Retention & Engagement Program File 1 File 2

The 2017 Global Volunteer Management Progress Report: Key Trends and How to Use Them to Advocate for Our Field File 1

The 3 C's of Happy Volunteers: Comfort, Convenience, Connection File 1 File 2

The Power of Volunteers: Moving from Surface Impact to Societal Impact File 1 File 2 File 3

Using Data to Determine Community Need File 1

We Built It, Where Are They? Increasing Capacity Through Strategic Communications Planning File 1

Who Me?: Are you the leader volunteers (and your organization) need you to be? File 1 File 2

Yours, Mine, and Ours: Empowering Volunteers to Serve Within and Beyond your Organization File 1