71st Annual Scientific Meeting & Technology Showcase



The Society of Cosmetic Chemists’ 71st Annual Scientific Meeting & Technology Showcase will be the highlight of 2017! Not only has this truly influential event moved to a new location, for the first time in decades, but the format of this year's event is like no other! 

  1. We will have more invited speakers than ever before. A conscious effort to ensure that we present the strongest science to our attendees.There will be ample opportunities to learn and engage during 2-full days of Technical Sessions, Review Panels, Industry Showcases and Networking events. Plus, you can take advantage of this great opportunity to learn from these and other knowledge experts: Claudia Aguirre, Ph.D. (Neuroscientist and Mind-Body Expert), Richard Blackburn, Ph.D. (University of Leeds), Elaine Fuchs, Ph.D. (The Rockefeller University), Jennifer Marsh, Ph.D. (P&G Beauty), Amin Mazloom, Ph.D., (ProdermIQ) and John C. Warner, Ph.D. (The Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, LLC).
  2. Two distinct tracks, a Basic/ Track, geared toward young professionals and those looking for introductory level information about the cosmetics industry, will run concurrently to an Advanced Track, for those interested in learning about cutting edge science, technologies and product innovations. 

Be sure to register for the Annual Meeting first, then visit the Hotel page to secure your room at The Westin New York at Times Square where we have negotiated a phenomenal room rate of $299, a savings of $150 per night during the Holiday Season in the heart of New York City! (Another year at the Hilton Towers would have raised the room rate to $449).  It's all the more reason to ensure that once you have registered for the Annual Meeting, you quickly reserve your room, as we expect the room block to fill quickly.

By attending this year’s Annual Meeting, you will gain clarity and unique insight into the latest cosmetics research and trends, and receive up-to-the-minute guidance on the latest developments in the field. Learn from our experts the cutting-edge research driving the industry forward, best practices to navigate today’s regulatory environment, and come away with ideas on how to most effectively apply these findings in your work. 


Cosmetic scientists at any level of experience, including academic, industry and government practitioners, as well as Sales, Marketing, and Regulatory Professionals will benefit from this comprehensive meeting. Professionals on both the Finished-Goods side as well as the Supplier side will greatly benefit from this year’s expanded course offering.

Suppliers and Finished Goods Houses will want to take advantage of the opportunity to have a poster at the Technology Showcase. All Poster Presenters will be acknowledged as an Annual Meeting Sponsor!


The Podium Sessions and the respective presentation titles and authors are currently being finalized and will be posted in the coming weeks. A special thanks to our COSA Committee for their dedication in presenting the best science at this year's Annual Meeting. 

Anna Langerveld, Ph.D. 2017 Chair
Susan Daly, Ph.D. 2015-2017
Kelly Dobos, 2015-2017
Michael Fevola, Ph.D. 2016-2019
Valerie George, 2017-2020
Yulia Park, 2017-2020
Anjali Patil, Ph.D. 2015-2017
Smitha Rao, 2017-2020
Arvind Shah, 2015-2017


Extend your Annual Meeting experience by attending a Pre-Conference event on Sunday, December 10th:

SCC National Office sponsored Regulatory Workshop:
  • The Safety Assessment as Tool for Global Compliance of Cosmetic Products and their Ingredients 
            Sunday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This workshop will provide attendees with knowledge on the current industry regulations by delivering the following information through presentations and panel discussions: 

  1. Requirements for a cosmetic ingredient and cosmetic product safety assessment
  2. Necessary data to support the safety of the ingredients and the product
  3. Hazard characterization and exposure assessment
  4. Establishing a cosmetic product safety report as legal document for proof of liability and for global market access

Moderator, Steven L. Hanft, M.A.; CONUSBAT Regulatory Services
Speaker, Karl Popp, R.Ph.; KPopp Consulting LLC
Speaker, Craig R. Weiss, Consumer Product Testing Company (CPTC)
Speaker, Dr. Uwe Rossow, CCR GmbH & Co. KG
Speaker, Dr. Annelie Struessmann; CONUSBAT Regulatory Services

If registering for The Safety Assessment as Tool for Global Compliance of Cosmetic Products and their Ingredients CEP ONLY >>>>> REGISTER HERE

  • Claim Substantiation for Cosmetic Products
            Sunday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The FDA and the FTC are carefully watching cosmetic products for non-substantiated misleading claims. If the claim is indeed misleading the consumer and drives to a purchase of a product that will not deliver its premise-this is an ethical matter. With the skin care industry striving to produce safer products, it should also further stream its scientific resources towards testing products for their activity on the skin and provide fair translation into claims. Common criteria for justification of claims are a challenging aspect in product development since it needs to be customized for the purpose of use and nature of the product developed. This course is tailored to provide key aspects in the establishment of best practice to be applied in experimental design and tie it into the regulatory framework rationale. It will focus on recent developments in skin biomarkers research and skin microbiome as well as human clinical studies. 

Instructor, Dr. Nava Dayan; Dr. Nava Dayan, LLC