ICCA Congress 2017
A message of gratitude from MyCEB

Manisa has been with MyCEB for the last 6 years as our Market Research Manager. She was smart, intelligent, cheerful, funny and with such a great future ahead and to pass away so young is so tragic. She was in the midst of completing her PHD, with a focus on legacies benefits from congress and meetings. 

She loved traveling and always helping with the less fortunate. I recall how she always reminded us to clear our desks and contribute stuff to the needy and made the effort to share with those who need it.

She has been a key member of the ICCA family and always forthcoming with ideas. I would not have been able to manage all the ICCA Malaysia activities without her. She is also a member of the Business Events Academic Council, working with universities and students to create awareness of the business events industry. 

She last wrote a piece on the legacy study of the ICCA Congress in Kuching which was featured as an JMIC Iceberg case study, and she won a grant to attend the ICCA congress in Prague and was counting the days to be here in this beautiful city, one of the many on her wish list.

We have lost not just a colleague, but a dear friend. We will always remember her strong determination, love for life and incredible sense of humor and everything Japanese. We could do with a lot more people like Manisa in this world! She had such positive influence and was so full of life! 

This is a very sad moment for us all and we all miss her dearly. The office will not be the same without her silly grins and funny jokes and “tau pun” (now you know).  

We would like to express our gratitude for the overwhelming messages of support that we received from our ICCA friends, both in Prague and everywhere around the world.

Ping, HO
General Manager, Business Events