ICCA Congress 2017
Accompanying Guest programme

Prague History: The Power of Imagination

We will welcome you in special surroundings and begin with a glass of champagne.
Let´s embrace new technologies to explore historic times. Our iPad city rally will bring you to the forgotten places and historic moments of Prague history. To finish our tour successfully, you will need to prove your knowledge and skills... but don't worry - a couple of outstanding characters of Czech history will give you a supporting hand. Some of them are real, some of them made of wax and some of them are difficult to recognize…

Treasures of the Czech Glassworking Tradition

The glassworking tradition in Bohemia goes back to the middle-ages and, still today, the Czech Republic is one of the biggest glass exporters in the world. Our trip brings you to the "František glassworks", built in the unique style of the original forest glassworks. We will enjoy the power of creation: glass blowing in the hot shop, sandblasting... Let your creativity roam free and bring some hand-made souvenirs back home!

Following the monuments of the Czech lands

Let´s create a fairytale outside Prague: fresh air and tranquillity of the Czech lands with rich architectural styles. We will follow the founders of the Czech lands and experience first-hand the deep connection to Czech history. This location, a UNESCO heritage site, is definitely worth visiting.

Traditional Czech Cuisine Masterclass

Join us for an amusing introductory lesson of traditional Czech cuisine! Let´s taste specialities led by a professional Chef. Together we will prepare the most delicious Czech lunch you have ever had. Creative activities such as gingerbread decorating will be awaiting you... And, in conclusion: "Dobrou chuť!"