Do you have a package you’ve been thinking about updating?

Do you have ideas for a new package but you’re not sure if it can be done?

Are you looking for a second opinion on a package design you are creating?

Bring a sample to the conference and try speed dating! You might find just the designer to execute your ideas.


Your brand is a unique genetic makeup that sets you apart. A one-of-a-kind fingerprint that reaches your clients on an emotional level with which they can connect. We know how develop a brand-new brand and how to breathe life back into bland, boring one.

How do we do that? We get to know you on a personal level. We discover what fuels your passion. From there, we identify the things that set you apart from your competition. We commit to learning all facets of your industry and company culture, and carefully observe your competitors.

We are even willing to show you the possibilities before we ever establish a working relationship. By cultivating the early seeds of trust, we will to show you that we are invested in your brand and truly want to help you succeed.

Our commitment to you is that we will scatter the seeds of creativity and marketing on everything we do. The rule is you reap what you sow – Sow Good.

Julie Moyer
Julie earned her Bachelor’s degree with a major in Communications and a minor in Advertising from Rider University. Even as a kid, Julie knew that she wanted a career in advertising. Today, she is an amazing, creative thinker who leads a team of 5 designers. Her favorite projects involve brand development and package design. Her creative work has garnered numerous awards throughout her career, because she has the ability to develop original concept after original concept without sacrificing her creativity.

John Mulder
John earned his Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Ursinus College and began his Master’s degree at Temple University. He finished ABT at Kutztown University in Electronic Media Management. His job is to generate big ideas that propel the concept development of all the projects at 3Seed. As the Visionary, he spreads the word about 3Seed’s mission and philosophy to the businesses we partner with, because he believes the best way to business growth is through effective brand development.

Affinity Creative

We embraced the name Affinity for a reason: Our solutions establish rapport between brands and customers. Striking presentation gives purpose to a concept and sets it apart. And that’s why you're here, right? With time-tested savvy and a client-centered outlook, you can see why Shakespeare once said of us, “Though they be but little, they are fierce.” You’ve made a killer product, now together we can make it unforgettable because, let's face it, appearances are everything.

We get it. You don’t need anyone re-writing your story—it’s what makes you so very un-ordinary, which is why we believe conveying your YOU-ness effectively is the surest way to building a brand with staying power. We’re also committed to collaboration, efficiency and being nice. Because the best products begin not as a vision but as a fragment, a scribble on a napkin or an unfinished thought. We’re here to help you translate the intangible into, well, something you can pick up and pour into a glass.

Edith Lee
With two decades experience in wine, spirits, beer and other luxury categories, it’s no surprise that Edith Lee understands down to the molecular level what it takes to create a package design that’s engaging, motivating and successful. She is gifted with a soft-spoken style, a diligent work ethic and an unparalleled aesthetic. As design director for Affinity Creative Group, Lee has the ability to add those nuanced and subtle touches that make a package design truly sing. Affinity clients are always thrilled with her creations.

Santosh Chawla
Santosh Chawla loves creating attractive, clean and inviting design solutions that invite customers to take a closer look and make a purchase. Chawla’s nickname is “Sunny,” because he radiates positive energy that lights up the studios at Affinity Creative Group, inspires his work and delights our clients. As senior designer, Chawla brings an international perspective as well, having worked previously at one of the leading marketing and advertising agencies in Mumbai, India. Clients particularly love how Sunny thrives under the tightest of deadlines.

Balzac Communications

Over the past 25 years, Balzac has formed and nurtured relationships with key wine publics, including media, bloggers, sommeliers, distributors, and other key influencers. Our expertise in the wine industry allows us to communicate effectively and influentially with these publics.

We believe in integrated marketing communications—a program that uses the best of each medium to build on the impact of others– so that the end result far exceeds what can be expected from any single source or campaign. In our work, advertising, market development, education programs and sales campaigns work together to build interest, increase impact, and generate better results.

The Balzac Design Aesthetic
The Balzac design aesthetic is simple… we don’t have one. Working with a large and diverse list of clients allows us the freedom to explore varied creative endeavors and options. To do otherwise, holding fast to a single visual style, would be a disservice to them and to us.

Some businesses know from the outset what the visual identity of their brand is and the type of creative they desire. For them, going to a freelance designer with a single known style makes sense. For those who truly appreciate the creative process, there is Balzac Communications. As one of the leading wine marketing agencies, we have the resources needed to take an integrated approach to brand identity, well before we lay pen to paper. That starts with asking the less-than-obvious questions, and looking at things not only straight on, but sideways as well.

Using this approach from inception, we identify your business’ real demographic, and the sort of visual identity that will create the strongest connection with the right people. From there, it’s just a matter of execution and implementation. Whatever the style, we will pull it off with perfection.

Whether your brand demands a look that is heritage or modern, corporate or conversational, bold or understated… Balzac does that.

Visual Designer

Adam makes our design department one of the best in California. His designs for websites (he did ours, for one), wine labels and packaging, logos and other work give Balzac a distinct edge over other agencies.

Adam’s broad education, focused by his studies in graphic design at Santa Rosa College, gives him the ability to combine excellent design with fine art – he’s an illustrator as well as an expert with digital design. It makes his work memorable: striking, effective, and fun. He loves having copywriters right in the next office to keep things moving along. And he knows way too much about TTB requirements for wine labels.

“What makes Balzac fun is our range of resources. We’re able to put ideas to work in very creative and distinctive ways – that’s what gives us the edge over other agencies.”

Please visit the Balzac Communications design portfolio to view his work.

Chief Executive Officer and Partner

Mike is a Balzac veteran with more than 20 years of experience building and executing communications strategies for clients in the wine and technology industries. He came west from Michigan to work in the dot-com boom and while he was here, he became knowledgeable about wine. After leaving Silicon Valley, Mike decided to make wine his career, and ended up at Balzac. Not surprisingly, Mike is Balzac’s digital strategies expert, in addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company, including client management.

“At Balzac we want our clients to feel good about the results of our projects with them,” says Mike, “and just as important, to enjoy participating in the process.”

Mike is also a Certified Wine Educator (CWE) through the Society of Wine Educators and a WSET Certified Educator through the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. He is also lead instructor at Discover Wine & Spirits Academy.


Based in Oakland, PicturesWords is a Bay Area design studio specializing in ideas. We like to design and like to draw. But mostly, we like to learn about your business, its goals and how we can help. We like to make you look bigger, better and different. Founded by an award-winning graphic designer, PicturesWords has worked with many wineries, Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, one-person start-ups and everything in between.

We excel at translating complicated ideas into easily understood communications. You'll get great service with exceptionally fast turnaround. Add our flair for design, relentless creativity, and we’re bound to do great things together.

A graphic designer/illustrator with over 17 years of experience, Andy Sundblad began his career working for design firms until he launched his own small design firm in 2006. Currently, he specializes largely in wine packaging, illustration, custom typography and highly conceptual work. His firm can design and illustrate almost anything, and Andy enjoys the challenges a diverse clientele offers.

Andy approaches each project with the goal of making something amazing. He has a vast amount of experience in unique printing techniques, sourcing materials and devising innovative design solutions.

In his spare time, he enjoys world travel, hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, gardening, running and working out and of course, a nice glass of wine.


Creative Strategy
Without having sound strategic reasoning for branding decisions, we’d just be flying in the dark. Instead, we’ll work with you to identify market opportunities, gather consumer insights, and craft a strategic platform that is built to deliver.

Brand Innovation
For years, we’ve lived and breathed branding. The result of this experience is an uncommon level of consumer insight, as well as a nose for opportunities for differentiation on a product level, a brand level, and a consumer-behavior level. There’s nothing better than putting this knowledge to use and hatching an idea in partnership with experts in their own fields.

Award-Winning Design
We’re experts at crafting brands that make big splashes in the marketplace. We do this by strategically approaching every brand and problem from a consumer-centric point of view, and creating brand expressions that get noticed on shelf.

Brand Activation
Getting your brand ready for market is only half the battle. How it gets to market can make or break its success. From sales collateral and merchandising to social media strategies and targeted campaigns, we’ve delivered the goods in launching (and relaunching) brands of all sizes and budgets. Together, we can make sure your audience hears you loud and clear.

Bill Kerr
With more than a decade of experience working with brands of all sizes—from family businesses to the behemoths of the Fortune 500—Bill Kerr’s passion is helping clients reach their customers in new and engaging ways. Kerr has a proven track record of delivering tremendous ROI by crafting brands focused on the consumer and by collaborating closely with his clients. He has won numerous national and international design awards. His winery clientele includes Lynmar Estate, Highway 12 Vineyards & Winery, Cline Family Cellars, Ammunition Wines, Terra de Promissio, Folio Fine Wine Partners and Rally Point Wines.

Watermark Design

We are a deliberately small branding and package design studio focused on your specific industry challenges to create a unique, high-quality design that outpaces your competition. As highly-trained creatives, we diligently research your audience and needs to create your brand– from identity to packaging, online presence, and beyond.

We value craftsmanship, and each of our designers is a trained artist. We excel in hand-lettering and custom illustration and love seeking unique solutions through materials and processes to set your brand apart on-shelf and out in the world.

Watermark has been honored with features on The Dieline on a number of occasions, most recently in 2017. We have the deep experience of a studio turning 10 this year, but retain the hunger that grows with every new project. We see our clients as our long-term partners, whether starting early on your new brand or re-envisioning your current look. Our ultimate goal is that we want your brand to be beautifully distinct enough for the world to take notice, and to help your business with long-term success and profitability through design.

Darcey Lacy
Founder & Creative Director, Watermark Design

For 10 years, Darcey has grown Watermark Design into an award-winning branding and package design studio, serving businesses nationally, and gathering accolades from The Dieline and HOW Magazine, among others. Watermark’s specialization in the alcohol beverage category was born from Darcey’s personal love of wine, and has since expanded into the craft beer and spirits industries. Darcey’s time prior to founding Watermark was spent as the design lead within marketing groups in industries from law to biotech and hospitality. Her background in marketing shapes Watermark’s approach to design, considering not only the aesthetics, but also the sales and strategy needs important to the long-term success of the brand. Darcey holds a BFA in graphic design from James Madison University.

Jena Thielges
Visual Designer

Hailing from western New York, Jena joined Watermark in the summer of 2012 and brings a passion for quality design to both branding and packaging projects. A seasoned designer in the the wine packaging category, Jena has creatively contributed to the brands of numerous wineries up and down the east coast as well as abroad. She is obsessed with the details that transform designs into award-winning work, and has been the lead on projects that were recognized by The Dieline, Package Design, GDUSA and HOW Magazine. Since being at Watermark, she has finessed her skills in typography, hand-lettering, painting, and illustrating so she can be as adaptable and resourceful as possible for the needs of the client. She earned a BFA in Graphic Design Cum Laude from James Madison University.