WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Dynamic Experiential Learning: It’s Time For a New Online Experience

Speaker: Jennifer Brock, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Bryan University
Speaker: Kurt Hayes, Executive Director of Learning Experience Engineering, DeXL (Dynamic Experiential Learning)
Moderator: Kara Van Dam, Vice Provost, University of Maryland University College


At Bryan University, we believe in challenging the boundaries of traditional education to liberate the innate greatness in people. Faculty and staff at Bryan University challenge these boundaries through a unique online student community, an evidence-based learning model, and a focus on non-cognitive factors that must be addressed in order to foster student success. This unique learning approach has been accomplished through a partnership with Dynamic Experiential Learning (DeXL), a provider specializing in online student experiences, research-based approaches, and innovative learning models. The DeXL approach encompasses the entire student experience- student readiness, experience engineering, connection, and community; producing empowered graduates who are better prepared for today’s workforce. Session participants will have the opportunity to explore this student experience focusing on non-cognitive factors such as mindset, academic perseverance, learning strategies, and social skills- and will learn how implementation of this experience has inspired a culture of excellence with Bryan University faculty, administrators, and staff.