WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
Learn It, Earn It, Use It – The Power of Digital Credentialing

Speaker: John Endrud, Senior Vice President, Market Strategy and Development, Wiley Education Services
Speaker: Lisa Haas, Director of BenXL, Benedictine University
Speaker: Jonathan Finkelstein, Founder & CEO, Credly
Moderator: Cecilia Retelle Zywicki, Vice President, Strategic Partnership Operations, Wiley Education Services


As individuals secure their learning from multiple sources across their lifetimes, communication and certification systems are evolving to enable the efficient and reliable communication of skills. Credly is the leading digital credential service provider, helping education institutions, employers, governments, associations, and learning societies recognize lifelong achievement through portable, verified, and digital credentials. Wiley Education Services collaborates with institutions to continually help meet the evolving needs of learners, employers, and markets, regardless of modality. Wiley has partnered with Credly to connect talent to opportunity at scale, using digital evidence of achievement to build an education-to-workforce pipeline among participating schools. A participating partner school of Wiley is Benedictine University. In this session, Wiley Education Services, Credly, and Benedictine University will discuss the value of digital credentialing, as well as best practices and case studies for how schools, like Benedictine, are empowering students through recognition of achievements demonstrated both inside and outside of the classroom.