WCET's 29th Annual Meeting
How To Create Remarkable Online Learning

Facilitator: Christopher Sessums, Learning Strategies Consultant, D2L


The goal of this unconference session is to collectively create a re-usable learning asset on how to create a remarkable, a “badass,” online learning experience. To this end, participants will be invited to co-construct a syllabus on how to build an online learning experience that’s “badass.” This syllabus could be thought of as an initial project plan or map for building an online course focused on how to optimize student and institutional success.

Together, participants will co-define:

  • What makes a learning experience good?
  • What does student success look like?
  • What does a next-gen online learning experience look like?
  • What specific features and functionality are the most important?

The goal is for participants to leave this session with access to a living document that can assist others in understanding and creating remarkable online learning experiences.