Community Response

System Administrators, SCA Organizational Leaders, Community Activists for SCA, Survivors and Family Members

Welcome to the ECCU 2017 Community Response page! Individuals who promote effective response systems in the community come from a rich and diverse background. They range from clinicians who work in associations and foundations to survivors or family members who promote effective response systems.

The mission of the Citizen CPR Foundation is to strengthen the Chain of Survival in every community. ECCU 2017 is an important part of this effort. Through ECCU, we can reach stakeholders in communities around the world, the doctors, nurses, EMS providers, educators and the leaders in community response.

Our program is designed to bring you the latest science, systems and educational programs proven to make a difference in reducing death from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The presenters at ECCU are world-renowned experts in their respective fields. Almost every modern inventor and innovator in the field of resuscitation has presented or participated in ECCU. You will listen, exchange ideas, and network with the brightest minds in resuscitation. Participate in educational strategies designed to inspire you and help you inspire others.

Common topics at ECCU include:

  • Latest science on traditional and hands-only CPR
  • New innovations in ECC community response systems
  • New educational strategies for training the public
  • Strategies for the prevention of SCA
  • Full-day workshops for community leaders, survivors and their families