2017 NSCAA Convention

Session Types

Below are the eight (8) different session types offered at the Convention this year. If you have been before, check out the two (2) new types this year! 

eLearning Live

(60 minutes) Total Sessions Offered: TBA Location: 404AB

See NSCAA's eLearning content brought to life in these live eLearning sessions. Gain access to online resources and learn from our experienced coordinators both on and off the field.

Field Demonstrations

(60 minutes) Total Sessions Offered: 36 Location: Fields 1 and 2

These demonstrations will be presented by some of the highest level coaches from around the globe on our two turf fields. The presenting coach will utilize local elite teams to paint the picture of their chosen topic.

Futsal Demonstrations

(60 Minutes) Total Sessions Offered:TBA Location: CC Petree Hall

In association with U.S. Futsal, training sessions will be demonstrated by specialized futsal coaches on an official futsal court. Futsal is the only version of indoor soccer endorsed by FIFA, it is played with 5 players on each team typically on a hard court surface similar to the approximate size of a basketball court. There will also be education on futsal conducted in a classroom setting as well.


(60 minutes) Total Sessions Offered: 30 Location: CC 403AB, 409AB, 411

Listen in on some insightful presentations in our auditorium where you can take notes and interact with our top-notch presenters. Presentations will include instructional powerpoints and videos.

My Favorite Activity NEW!

(60 minutes) Total Sessions Offered: TBA Location: TBA

Learn from coaches from every walk of life as they present their best techniques and useful activities for the specialized parts of the sport. Each hour will feature 8 coaches presenting on 8 different activities on the topic of the hour in this open, free-flowing format. You will also receive a copy of the activities following each session for you to take home to help improve your own teams.


(60 minutes) Total Sessions Offered: 15 Location: CC 408A

Hear from our experts on the hot topics in today's game and get the chance to ask your questions of some influential members of the sport.


(90 minutes) Total Sessions Offered: 9 Location: CC 406AB

Take part in an interactive discussion where you will get the chance to network with other attendees and exchange ideas and experiences.

Spotlight NEW!

(60 minutes) Total Sessions Offered: 15 Location: 408B

This year's new Spotlight sessions will feature 1 on 1 interviews, where we will be sitting down on stage with some of the biggest names in the industry to see how they got to where they are today.