Climate Change Webinar 2: Climate and Volcanoes
Wednesday 07/20/2016
4:00 pm (Eastern Time)
FREE 1-hour Webinar
Educators in Grades K-12

The NASA Educator Professional Development Collaborative
at Texas State University is providing the last of a series of 1-hour webinars on Climate Change.

Participants in these webinars will get an overview of climate change models and research directly from scientists!  Educators will also gain access to climate related resources from NASA to implement into the classroom.

Climate Change Webinar 2

For this particular webinar, teachers may join NASA's special guest presenter and GISS Scientist, Dr. Allegra LeGrande, to discuss volcanoes and climate modeling in addition to NASA Education Specialist, Kelly Kohli, to learn new information about Climate Change and climate activities for the classroom.

A special thank you to our MUREP Educator Institute, SEAP, CCRI and New Jersey Board of Education participants for joining us!


Dr. LeGrande is interested in the hydrologic cycle, and in particular tracers of the hydrologic cycle such as water isotopologues. These tracers are useful for establishing the provenance and (rainout) history of air parcels. They are also useful as a tracer of past climates (ice cores, cave deposits, ocean sediment cores, etc.). Dr. LeGrande experiments with a general circulation model (the kind used in predicting future climate change) to discover details about the hydrologic cycle in the past and present in hopes of improving our ability to understand this part of the climate in the future.

Kelly is a NASA Education Professional Development Specialist at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. She works to support education in eleven East Coast states ranging from Virginia to Maine. Kelly started at NASA as an Informal Educator, which coordinated various programs and events intended to inspire teachers, students and families in grades K-8 in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) while bringing together NASA missions, engineers, and scientists at NASA Goddard’s Visitor Center. Prior to joining the education team at NASA, Kelly’s professional career consisted of 10 years of teaching Earth and Physical Sciences in various school systems and grade levels in the state of New Jersey. The districts have ranged from urban to suburban, as well as private and public schools. Outside of teaching in the United States, Kelly spent time during the summer as a volunteer English teacher in Costa Rica. She has pursued a career in teaching STEM and professional development workshops for NASA and has earned a Master’s degree in Science Leadership and Management.