Pre - Conference sessions
September 26th |1:30-4:00pm

Choose from 3 pre-conference workshops designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of vulnerabilities and level of compliance within your organization. 

Pre-Conference Workshop Options:

CONTROL & CONTAIN - Cyber Security 101 - How to Assess Your Organization’s Cyber Risks

·Security assessments
·Vulnerability audits
·Penetration testing
·Incident preparedness

Speaker: Mark D. Rasch, Chief Security Research Lead, Verizon

DETECT & RESPOND - Internal Fraud: Tackling the Cyber Threat from Within (CLE Eligible)
For a long time, cybersecurity has been about defending the castle walls against intruders. The firewalls, anti-virus software, mail-filters and other digital defenses used across the business world are generally looking for external threats. But what if the bad guys are on the inside? This session will help your company develop methods to prevent and detect internal fraud listed below. Human resources policies and procedures to mitigate risk will also be discussed.
·Employees seeking to divert cash
·Copying customer database
·Stealing sales leads and/or trade secrets
·Insider trading

Speaker: Martin L. Schmelkin, Partner, Jones Day

GROWTH & RECOVERY - Cyber Risk Insurance 2020 (CLE Eligible)
·Are the products are keeping pace with market needs
·What types and size of cyber liability claims insurance carriers experiencing
·What exposures cause insurance companies the most concern
·How will current cyber risk claims impact future cyber risk polices and pricing.

Speaker: Erica Davis, Vice President, Zurich North America