As the academic publishing industry continues to adapt to a changing marketplace and declining print sales, the management of inventory needs to become an even more important focus for press management and staff.

During this webinar you'll hear from a press director, a marketing and sales director, and CFO/operations managers from various size university presses as they discuss how the following topics relate to the academic monographs that we publish:

  • Setting print runs and selecting print vendors
  • Impact of inventory on cash flow
  • Accounting for inventory from the balance sheet to cost of sales
  • Inventory write-down
  • How Print-on-Demand, Short-Run Digital, and GAP program are being used to manage inventory.

The panelists will discuss practical aspects of inventory management as well as present case studies and actual examples.


Tera Beermann, Assistant Director for Business/CFO, University of Nebraska Press
Karla Garrett, Deputy Director/Finance and Operations Manager, Baylor University Press
Mary Beth Jarrad, Marketing and Sales Director, New York University Press
Leila Salisbury, Director, University Press of Mississippi

Robbie Dircks, Associate Director & CFO, University of North Carolina Press