2017 Annual Meeting

Powerful presentations are at the heart 

of STI-SPFA's 2017 Annual Meeting!

Plus committee and section meetings, fun events and more!

KEYNOTE: Leadership--A Day in the Life

“In the evolution of any organization, there are periodic points of inflection where a business plan, model or objective must be rethought...Leadership must envision and anticipate those critical points of inflection. More importantly, leadership must guide the troops through…"

STI-SPFA welcomes the return of Don McNeeley, Ph.D. When he spoke at the 2013 Fall Conference, he got rave reviews from attendees. He is a management expert with the unique ability to make political and economic complexities easily understood.

Don is the President and CEO of Chicago Tube & Iron. Founded on sound free-market principles, the company is celebrating 100 years of consecutive profitability, a record unmatched in the United States steel industry.

Engage Your Employees in Making Money! Improve Business Results AND the Lives of the Employees Who Drive Those Results

It’s an old joke, but it’s still funny. The CEO is asked, “How many people work at your company?” “About half of them,” he replies.

Here’s a revolutionary idea: instead of spending money on employee engagement, help your employees learn how to make money, both for the business and for themselves. Then stand back and see whether they’re engaged.

Bill Fotsch is founder, CEO, and Chief Coach at Open-Book Coaching management consulting. Open-Book Management is a way of running a company that helps everyone on staff think like owners. If you want your company to thrive because your employees understand the business and care about success, Bill can help you get there. 

STI-SPFA Member Boardman, Inc. improved profits over the prior year by $3 million in the first 12 months of using Open-Book Management. Don’t miss this presentation!

Medical Case Management and Reportability

This presentation, sponsored by STI-SPFA's Safety & Health Committee, will be of particular interest to CEO's, personnel managers, and safety managers.

Dr. Louis Lam is CEO of WorkCompvidence LLC, a strategic management company addressing the problems and challenges companies face with potential OSHA Recordable Incidents, worker compensation claims, and corresponding costs. Dr. Lam will discuss the impact and benefits associated with early control and management of potential claims utilizing the WCV Time-Zero process.  

Every year, these issues cost companies and the public billions of dollars. They place a significant burden on US businesses, often causing small to medium sized companies to falter even when their core businesses are doing well. 

Tim Racicot, former Safety Director at Nooter/CIC Group, co-presents with Dr. Lam, sharing his experience from decades of dealing with worker injuries, OSHA regulations, and workers comp claims.


After Inauguration Day: What’s next for the US economy—and your business

President Trump is officially in office. What will our economic life be like under his administration? Alan Taxman, Senior Vice President and Wealth Management Advisor with Merrill Lynch brings his experience to bear on issues of vital interest to the business community. 

What will be the new administration’s highest priorities and how will they affect us? Alan explores possible tax proposals and rates, infrastructure spending, business regulation, energy policy, immigration and a general sense of market conditions, including the stock market, interest rates, and inflation.

DOE Co-Optimization of Fuels & Engines

Recognizing the efficiency limitations of the current transportation fleet, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is investigating future fuel and engine design through the Co-Optima project, a collaborative effort between industry and DOE.

The Co-Optima project is focused on accelerating the introduction of affordable, scalable, and sustainable fuels and high-efficiency, low-emission engines-the idea is to optimize both at the same time.

Kristi Moriarty evaluates and analyzes all aspects of bioenergy projects. An area of focus is compatibility of refueling infrastructure equipment with various biofuels including E15, E85, mid-level ethanol blends, B5, B20, B100, renewable diesel, biobutanol, and other emerging biofuels.  

This presentation will cover national laboratory research and analysis of the fuel supply chain, as well as DOE and its national laboratories' approach to assessing the entire fuel supply chain for readiness for new fuels.

Infrastructure Rehab
and Asset Management 

President-Elect Trump has promised $600B for infrastructure repair and rehab. In this session, two well-known industry experts present some ideas on what do to with the money!

First, George Ruchti and Bob Card, P.E., consulting engineers at Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN), brings you the latest in infrastructure repair and replacement. He'll talk about general asset management issues, with an emphasis on pipelines and using LAN’s work with the City of Miami as an example.

Then Bob Card, PE, Sr. Project Manager at LAN, presents what got the "deeper cover" tank program started and what has been done with calculations and testing. 

Recently, Bob published a paper (with Wayne Geyer) on the results of STI's tank burial depth testing. The test demonstrated the importance of the soil in providing the additional resistance to buckling in a buried environment, and how resultant tank stiffening can be calculated. Current third party listing agencies do not take the stiffening effect of the soil support into consideration with standardized steel underground tank wall thickness calculations.

Then it's your turn--George and Bob lead a discussion with the audience about using tank burial depth research to Members’ advantage and what's going on in infrastructure replacement and rehab in your area.  

Passing the Torch: Enabling Your Future Leaders Through Mentoring and Effective Delegation 

"In 35 years of operational and combat experience that has included a great deal of teaching and coaching, I was always able to lead and accomplish the mission.  I still believe strongly in the Army’s Warrior Ethos and I know that the same pillars apply to business and organizational life: mission first, never quit, and never accept defeat.”

John Moore is a retired US Army colonel and CEO of Moore Strength consulting firm. In this presentation, Col. Moore puts his inspiring military experience to work, showing you how to engage your team to implement your initiatives, ideas, and direction with the same intent, focus, and enthusiasm that you demonstrate.