WCET's 28th Annual Meeting
Adaptive Learning in Higher Education: A Progress Report (Part I)

Moderator: Niki Bray, WCET Adaptive Learning Fellow, WCET, University of Memphis
Speaker: Dror Ben-Naim, Founder, CEO, Smart Sparrow
Speaker: Gates Bryant, Partner, Tyton Partners
Speaker: Thomas Cavanagh, Associate Vice President of Distributed Learning, University of Central Florida
Speaker: Eric Frank, CEO, Acrobatiq
Speaker: Dale Johnson, Adaptive Program Manager, Arizona State University
Speaker: Jim Thompson, CEO, CogBooks


Learning to Adapt 2.0: Evolution of Adaptive Learning in Higher Education

Over the past three years, adaptive learning has gone from an ill-defined concept in higher education to an important category of teaching and learning technology. This session features insights from recent research by Tyton Partners on what has changed in the adaptive marketplace since 2012 and what has not. Next the discussion will look to the future. Vendors have made strides to better define and enable adaptive teaching practices through use of their products. What are predictions for adaptive within the next three years. Institutional innovators in the adaptive learning space will share their thoughts on the future of adaptive learning.