Desert Foot 2016
Nov 29 - Dec 2, 2017
Returns to the
Sheraton Grand Phoenix
The Annual High Risk Diabetic Foot Conference   
Honoring Our Federal Services Healthcare Professionals   


PRESENT Podiatry
Online Podiatry Education and Social Network

Podiatry site imagePRESENT Podiatry is an innovative educational concept for the foot care team.It has united foot care providers around the world into a collaborative education community. effectively simulates the experience of attending a live clinical conference by using online multimedia lectures and Facebook style social networking. PRESENT Podiatry is also an Online Learning Management System that delivers the online portion of podiatric residency education, employing secure Lecture Access, Pre and post-testing, Blogs,Discussion Forums, Instant Messaging,



ONLINE Mentor Learning Managing System. A Simple to Administer Online Learning and Social Networking Platform - COMING SOON

Present Mentor site image

The PRESENT Mentor© Learning Management System is a simple to administer online learning and social networking platform.  It is the perfect system to meet the educational needs of professional associations and corporations. It can easily be scaled to serve groups as small as dozens or as large as thousands of users.  There are currently 4 full deployments of the platform, serving over 100,000 users:  PRESENT Diabetes, PRESENT Podiatry, PRESENT Dermatology Clinician, and a private branded site for Mount Sinai, Harvard and the University of Maryland Medical Schools.