EU Industry for Fair Trade - Stop China Dumping: Stop China MES

Say Yes to Jobs & Fair Trade 
Say No to MES for China March

Brussels, Monday 15 February


European industry has already lost millions of manufacturing jobs to China. The question now facing the European Commission is whether to grant China ‘Market Economy Status’ (MES) in 2016. If surrendered, China MES could cost the EU millions of jobs and hundreds of billions of euros in lost growth.

Granting MES to China requires a legislative change in EU law, so the Chinese government argues that process should begin now in order to be ready by December 2016.

We are committed to European manufacturing as the fundamental driver of innovation, environmental sustainability, growth and jobs in Europe. We also support the principle of fair competition through free and fair trade.

We are calling on EU leaders to deny Market Economy Status (MES) to China, as it simply is not yet a market economy. Granting MES to China would eliminate Europe’s ability to stop Chinese dumping. Deprived of targeted EU anti-dumping measures, China would fatally undermine Europe’s industrial base and threaten European jobs. This march will provide a unique opportunity for employers and employees to tell European decision makers to not to grant China Market Economy Status in December 2016.

Supporters of the March in Brussels include: