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Joy Buolamwini
Founder and Executive Director

Joy Buolamwini is the founder of Code4Rights, a technology inclusion initiative focused on promoting human rights. She is the producer of the Journey To Code series which teaches novices impact app creation. In 2013, Joy founded Zamrize as a Fulbright Fellow after earning her Computer Science degree. 1000s of mobile devices in Zambia are preloaded with health apps created through the Zamrize curriculum. At Oxford University, she earned an MSc in Learning & Technology with a focus on Computer Science education. To start Code4Rights she pioneered the Rhodes Scholar Service Year, the first of its kind in 112 years. As a Google Scholar and Astronaut Scholar, her past work includes research on robotics and autism along with developing digital tools for global health initiatives. The tools have been used in 5 countries to assess nearly 250,000 people. Joy is graduate researcher at the Media Lab. Her research examines the intersection of impact coding and inclusion.