ICCA Congress 2016

Registration 3.How can I pay for my registration fee?
5.What do I do if I haven’t received an invoice?

Travel and Lodging
10.How can I book a room in one of the official hotels?

Business Exchange
27.How do I make a Business Exchange appointment?

First Time Attendee Programme
31. What is the First Time Attendee Programme?

Expert Advice Appointments

Fringe Meetings

Research one-on-one
1.How much does it cost to register?
Please find an overview of the registration fees here.

2.What is included in the registration fee?
Included in the registration fee:
•Access to all education sessions
•Business Exchange
•Lunches, coffee breaks, evening social events
•Airport transfers to/from official hotels only

3.How can I pay for my registration fee?
Payment of the registration fee can be made by bank transfer (for bank details please see the invoice) or credit card (AMEX, MasterCard or Visa). To facilitate tracking of payments, please clearly indicate the invoice number in the reference field when making the payment.

Please note that observers can only pay by credit card.

4.When will I receive an Invoice?
You can find a link to download the invoice in the registration confirmation e-mail.

5.What do I do if I haven’t received an invoice?
If you have not received the registration confirmation or if you cannot download the invoice, please check your spam folder as it may be preventing you from receiving the document. Otherwise, please contact us.

6.When do I have to pay the invoice?
You can find the due date of your invoice below the invoice number. Payments should be made within 30 days after the invoice has been issued. If you have not paid before the due date written on your invoice, ICCA reserves the right to send you a credit note and a new invoice with a higher fee if a registration deadline has passed in the meantime.

7.Where can I find the bank details of ICCA?
If you wish to pay by bank transfer, you can find our bank details at the bottom of your invoice.

8.What happens if I don’t pay before a new deadline has passed?
ICCA reserves the right to send you a credit note and a new invoice with a higher fee if a registration deadline has passed in the meantime.

9.How do I cancel my registration?
Notification of cancellation of your registration must be sent in writing to the ICCA Events Department.
• For cancellations received up to and including 29 September 2016, a cancellation fee of €100 will be charged. Accompanying guests will be charged €50.
• For cancellations received on and after 30 September 2016, no refund will be given, full amount required.
• Name changes are not accepted, unless the participant is from the same company.
• All refunds will be processed after the event.

10.How can I book a room in one of the official hotels?
Please visit the hotel accommodation page for more information about the hotels. You can book a room during the registration process.

11.Can I book accommodation at an alternative hotel of my own choice?
You may book your own accommodation, however, please note that airport transfers to/from official hotels will only be provided on complimentary basis on designated congress arrival/departure dates and to/from social event venues only for guests staying at the official hotels. Participants wishing to stay at other hotels should plan means of transport to/from the congress venue, airport and social event venues.

12.How do I change or cancel my hotel accommodation if I am staying at one of the official hotels?
Changes and cancellations should be made in written to the ICCA Events Department.

Pullman Hotel
Cancellations and amendments must be made 72 hours before the arrival date after which on niht cancellation charge will apply. Cancellations or amendments must be received in written by the ICCA Events Department 

Grand Margherita Hotel & Riverside Majestic Hotel
Any cancellation or no show received less than 14 working days one night cancellation charge will be imposed. Amendments to the room reservation must be made 48 hours prior to arrival. Cancellations or amendments must be received in written by the ICCA Events Department.

13.Is there a transfer service to/from the airport to the official hotels and the social event venues?
Transfers from the airport to the official hotels will be available on 12 November. Transfers from the official hotels to the airport will be available on 16 and 17 November.
Transfers will be arranged between the official hotels and congress venue plus venues for social events (apart from the Welcome Reception).

14.Do I need a visa to go to Malaysia?
Please check here to see if you need a visa to go to Malaysia. 

15.I need an invitation letter to obtain my Visa, how do I get one?
Should you require a letter for the Congress, please contact the ICCA Events Department once you have registered.

16. How can I send a shipment to the venue?
If you would like to send a shipment to the BCCK you may use DHL or GD Express. Key contact person from BCCK to receive the shipment are Gary Pinchen and Premala Danapakiam.
DHL Courier Service: Ms. Debbie  +6082 429 561 kchalert@dhl.com
GD Express: Mr. Jeff Boon  +6082 232 306/232 300  zpboon@gdexpress.com

17.How do I participate in the Business Exchange?
When registering, you can indicate that you want to participate. You will then receive a separate email with instructions. The instructions will also include a link to an online application form where you will need to complete information on the event you are putting forward for the Business Exchange.

18.What information do I need to supply for the Business Exchange?
First you have to propose a lead. Participants do so, by filling out an Online Lead Proposal Form and submitting the form to ICCA HQ. Once your lead has been reviewed and updated by the research department, you will receive an acceptance letter. It is only when this process has been completed that you can become a Business Exchange participant.

19.What must the lead include in order to participate?
A lead must:
- attract at least 250 participants.
- be held on a regular basis.
- rotate between at least 3 different countries.

Please note: In case of a past meeting, it should not have taken place more than 2 years ago.

20.How many leads can I propose?
You are only able to propose one lead. If the proposed meeting doesn't meet all of these criteria, the meeting will not be accepted and you will be asked to propose another lead as soon as possible.

21.Can I use a lead I proposed in the past at other ICCA Events?
Yes you can, however you will have already talked about your lead to some of the participants and they may no longer be interested in the same lead while they might have a new lead themselves.

22.After sending my proposal form I saw that I made a mistake, can I make a change?
As long as it is still within the deadline, you may, please contact Tim Schwartzmann.

23.When is the deadline to propose my Business Exchange Lead?
The deadline to submit the form is 14 October 2016.

24.What happens if I miss the deadline to participate in the Business Exchange?
Unfortunately if you have missed the deadline and haven’t submitted the Online Lead Proposal Form, you will not be able to participate in the Business Exchange.

25.When can I look at the other leads that have been proposed?
As soon as a lead has been approved you will be able to access it on the ICCA Association Database, following the instructions in your acceptance letter.

26.When will I receive the Business Exchange booklet?
After the deadline has passed you will receive the link to the online Business Exchange booklet.

27.How do I make a Business Exchange appointment?
You will be able to make appointments, via the Tapcrowd app which will be made available to all participants 2 weeks before the ICCA Congress. Through this app you will be able to contact other Business Exchange participants to set up meetings in advance.

28.How many appointments can I make?
There are no limits on the number of appointments you can make, we advise you to make as many appointments for the Business Exchange sessions as possible.

29.How long does an appointment last?
During the Business Exchange time slots, each round will last 10 minutes.

30.Can we discuss leads with each other outside of the Business Exchange sessions?
You can engage in Business Exchange throughout the Congress. But please note; most participants will expect you all to be present at the actual Business Exchange sessions. Outside of these sessions, you are able to use the networking breaks to meet each other in the Business Exchange Coffee Zone or at any other time & place.

32.I am a first time attendee, is it obligatory to participate?
It is not mandatory to participate in the programme; however we strongly recommend attending, as it is a good way to meet other new attendees and also see what you can get out of the Congress.

33.How can I become a mentor?
In order to become a First Time Attendee mentor you must have attended a previous ICCA Congress. If you would like to volunteer to become a mentor at the Congress, please contact Ksenija Polla.

35.How can I become an expert?
During the registration process, you can indicate your fields of expertise.

36.Can I approach delegates myself?
Yes, closer to the Congress you will receive details of people that have indicated an interest in your expertise.

37.How do I make an appointment with an expert?
Appointments can be made through the Tapcrowd app and by email. You will receive a list with experts and their areas of expertise closer to the congress.

38.What are Fringe Meetings?
39.How can I book a fringe meeting?
If you wish to arrange a meeting, please contact Mieke van Loenen.

40.Can I book a fringe meeting during the entire congress?
No, there are pre-defined time slots for these meetings.

41.Do I have to pay for organising my meeting?
The room is free of charge; however food, beverages and AV are at your own expense.

43.How can I set up an appointment?
You can book an appointment using the Tapcrowd App. 2 weeks before the Congress you will receive an email with instructions on how to download the app. It is possible to borrow a device onsite for the usage of Tapcrowd.

44.What is the Silent Auction?
The annual ICCA Silent Auction has now moved online. We will change the structure of the auction so it is no longer connected exclusively to the congress. All members, whether they attend the congress or not will have the opportunity to bid for the prizes. If you're interested in donating a prize and profiling your company, please check the box below. We will be sending you information about the auction in the coming weeks.

For questions, please contact Tonia Petra.

45.Are there any opportunities for me to sponsor the ICCA Congress?
If you would like more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contacMieke van Loenen.

46.I don’t want to sponsor anything on the list, can I make a suggestion?
We are open to new sponsorship ideas as long as they are in line with the Congress goals, theme and design. If you would like to make a suggestion, please contact 
Mieke van Loenen.