Journey to M*A*R*S (Martian Advanced Resources for Survival): NASA's Water Filtration Engineering Design Challenge / What's this drought stuff anyway?
Thursday 10/29/2015 
6:30 pm ET (3:30 pm PT)

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NASA's Water Filtration Engineering Design Challenge/
 What's This Drought Stuff About?
Let's look at the present and the future of water resources on our planet.  How does NASA filter water on the International Space Station? How does Earth filter water? 
  NASA's Engineering Design 
Water Filtration Challenge

Sandra Kaszynski is a NASA Educator Professional Development Specialist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. Before joining the education team at JPL, Kaszynski was an elementary classroom teacher for 12 years. She earned a Master’s degree and Credential in Education Administration as well as a B.S at Cal Poly Pomona. Kaszynski was selected to be one of the elite, Teacher Trainers and Science Leaders by the Beckman@Science program, which serves 15 districts throughout Orange County, Calif. She has also written science curriculum for Orange County Department of Education and serves as a board member for the Orange County Science Educators Association.