1st Assembly of the Regional Network

SAVE THE DATE: 15 - 17 January 2016

Registration is now open for the Regional Network Assembly 

Associate Professor Mark Boyd, President of ASHM’s Board and Prof Dr Praphan Phanuphak, The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, Bangkok, Thailand invite you to attend the Regional Network Assembly.  This assembly of regional professional societies, being run back to back with HIV-NAT Symposium, and agencies working in HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health will:
  • showcase what is working well and how this has been achieved
  • review country priorities for professional development
These discussion will open a dialogue between regional organisations and explore how they can work together to share and exchange ideas, and  collaborate in the future.

The event will be held in Bangkok just after the 18th Bangkok International Symposium on HIV (HIVNAT Symposium).  We also encourage you to attend the HIVNAT Symposium, itself an example of sustained research and clinical professional development.  You can register at the Symposium website http://www.hivnat.org/bangkoksymposium


This will be the 1st stage of an ongoing process to strengthen the professional development of the health workforce through regular meetings, on-line fora and information exchange through:
  • Identifying key points of collaboration across regional societies, centres of excellence and experts
  • Mapping and planning a response to strengthen skills and competencies in areas of clinical practice and delivery of services
  • Strengthening the constitution and function of a Regional Professional Societies Network including support to new societies


  • A focus on translating clinical skills and research findings into applied practice
  • A forum for sharing related ideas and practice across HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health exploring the role of professional societies in their national responses


  • Professional Societies and Associations representing the health workforce in HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health
  • Colleges and organisations responsible for accrediting health professionals working in HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health
  • Government and non-government individuals and groups, responsible for setting clinical and operational guidelines
  • Individuals or organisations involved in providing workforce development and training in HIV and viral hepatitis management and sexual health for doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers
  • Strategic planners, program managers and policy makers working in HIV, viral hepatitis and sexual health

Associate Professor Mark Boyd Prof Dr Praphan Phanuphak


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