ICCA Congress 2015
Outside the Box Session - With an authentic Argentinian taste!

Returning to the congress programme this year, are two opportunities for delegates to experience the congress off-site. As well as experiencing another dimension of the education programme, delegates also have the chance to visit the world renowned BOCA Juniors Football stadium and delve deeper into the corporate machine that has propelled the team to the successful heights of other sporting brands. Visit the neighborhood, meet the executives, and learn about the business of sports in Argentina.

The other outside the box session will take delegates on a trip to the Piazzolla Tango, where specialist speaker, Juan Fabbri, will tell the tale of two intertwined stories of immigrant passion mixing with native environments - one urban, the other rural, that created the two most uniquely Argentinian icons. 
Listen to the history of the "second rate" vines that found a natural home and flourished to produce world-class wines from the soils of Mendoza. Hear how dock workers' melancholy of being separated from their homeland created a musical identity for their new country's destination marketing, including the drive to win more congress business - Bianchi, Greco, Giol...Pioneers of Malbec; Fiorentino, Dagostino, Piazzolla...Creators of Tango!
Their passions from the past are the powerhouse of the marketing of today...

The third outside the box session is a tour to the new Convention Centre which is located in a ground-breaking new development in the fashionable Recoleta neighborhood. The sustainable project has been designed as part of the city government's extensive Green Agenda, combining urban development with the recovery and maintenance of green spaces. The vast 18,000m2 center, largely underground but with solar panels integrated into its exposed exteriors, will have a total capacity of 5,300. The development includes a future subway station and several bus stops, and will bolster Buenos Aires' position at the forefront of the Meetings industry both in the region and worldwide. Visit the park-side development, meet the project leaders and learn more about the growing potential of the Meeting industry in Argentina.

This session takes place on Tuesday from 15:15 to 17:45.
Meeting point: 15:10 at La Rural (Sarmiento Ave. 2704)
The participants will be dropped off at the official hotels or the La Rural at 17:45.