ICCA Congress 2015
Your ICCA needs you! Call for ICCA members to volunteer

We're looking for great case studies, innovative new initiatives, and strong opinions!
This years Congress programme is largely ready, but we need input from ICCA members around the world to complete the following ten sessions:

Has your company or destination undertaken some amazing marketing over the last year or two? If so, please put yourself forward for this prestigious competition. The top three entries will present to the whole congress. 

Debate: How important is CSR to conference clients?
Have you won bids or lost business because of your CSR Policy? Do you hold strong views on this issue? We need voices from suppliers to balance the input from some of our client speakers?

Big Data - ICCA update and more
Are you planning on implementing your own Big Data projects? If so, we want to hear about this! This session wil primarily focus on ICCA's own products, new and in the pipeline, but we want to complement this with news about members' own initiatives. 

Non-traditional association-like meetings
Are you creating or have you hosted an international meeting that resembles a traditional association meeting but is in fact organised in some way differently? We have a couple of great examples already but we would love to hear about others. 

US outbound market
Do you have expertise or insights into the latest trends in outbound corporate or association meetings from the USA? We're looking for a couple of additional viewpoints to complement the views of other experts. 

Venue investment and refurbishment - issues and trends
We'd like to hear from venues that have undertaken or are planning major upgrades, expansions, or strategic investments. This session is looking at how to remain competitive from the venue perspective. 

Intellectual Capital
Are you developing new strategies or do you have great success stories in the area of 'intellectual capital'. In other words, how are you successfully exploiting or promoting your destination's academic and other intellectual strengths?

Staff-centric marketing
Are you running any marketing which showcases the personalities of your staff, or are your staff developing 'bottom-up' campaigns? We have three good examples bit would like to hear about other initiatives. 

Meetings industry advocacy 
Has your destination recently organised any advocacy campaigns (eg a Meetings Week or Politicians' briefing event)? If so let us know, We want to hear both success stories and also about difficult challenges. 

Getting away from it all
Are you successfully marketing an isolated destination, far from convenient global airports; have you organised meetings where delegates are banned from using cell phones and the Internet? Success can take many different shapes, we want to hear about these sort of examples!

Please contact Rebecca Wilson for further information / with your ideas and suggestions: rebecca@icca.nl