MasterCard Academy - Asia/Pacific, Middle East & Africa

Mobile Payments and Digital Convergence, 28 - 29 July 2015, Nairobi, Kenya

Course Overview

28 - 29 July, 2015
Nairobi, Kenya

Roadmap to enhance your Mobile Payment platform with innovative functionalities
This course is designed to get participants up-to-speed rapidly in the area of Mobile Proximity Payments. It provides a balanced overview of the various components of the business of Mobile Proximity Payments and helps participants understand how each component is dependent on the others.

The first day focuses on the business case for Mobile Proximity Payments and includes enriching discussions relative to the mutual consumer – mobile payment influence, the market trends and the business benefits and the challenges for ‘’going mobile’’. The second day addresses the technical aspects of Mobile Proximity Payments, and includes a review of the architecture blueprint, technical specifications, industry standards, etc.


This seminar is of special interest for issuers who are venturing in the arena of mobile payments and want to gain a valuable insight of the do’s and don’ts in the field of Mobile Proximity Payments.

  • Consumer behaviors impacting the mobile payments
  • Mobile NFC Ecosystems
  • Cost-benefit analysis and modeling
  • Security and Risk of contactless technology
  • Implementation… do’s and don’ts
  • Latest developments – locally and globally
  • Contactless and mobile payments standards
  • Use cases and business processes: how do they interact
  • Mobile-payment related mechanisms
  • Testing and Approval Processes
  • Reduce ‘silo mentality’ and improved inter-departmental collaboration
  • Get up and running faster when going mobile
  • Understand what is happening in this very fast paced environment
Attend as well:
  • E-Commerce and Your Business
  • Profitable Card Management