Meta-analysis and Systematic Reviews: Standard Methods and Open Questions

Meta-analysis and Systematic Reviews:
Standard Methods and Open Questions

EnRICH (Research Innovations & Challenges) Webinar
Maternal Child Health Research Program

Please join us on: Wednesday, October 22, 2014
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm ET

The learning objectives for this webinar are:
  • Discuss how systematic reviews and meta-analysis can help meet the aims of researchers and decision-makers;
  • Understand the current methods used in systematic reviews and meta-analysis; and
  • Examine methodological questions under discussion by the research community.

Our presenters:
  Kay Dickersin, MA, PhD
Director, Center for Clinical Trials
Director, US Cochrane Center
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Dickersin's major research interests are related to randomized clinical trials, trials registers, systematic reviews and meta analysis, reporting biases, peer review, evidence-based health care, and comparative effectiveness research. She has conducted studies in a number of important subject areas, including women's health, eyes and vision, and surgery.
  Tianjing Li, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Li's core research competencies comprise the methodology and reporting of systematic reviews, meta-analysis, randomized controlled trials, reporting biases, and missing data. Dr. Li has published on effectiveness of interventions for eye diseases, methodology for setting priorities for comparative effectiveness research, and on using network meta-analysis methods for comparing multiple interventions.
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