8th ICCVM Conference 2018

Communication in Veterinary Medicine:
Milestones and Path​s​ Forward

Educators, Researchers, Practicing Veterinarians & their Teams 

Online submissions will open June 1, 2017. Stay tuned!


The ICCVM is a unique, interactive conference that links current research in veterinary communication to practical applications in veterinary-client interactions, veterinary team dynamics, veterinary communication education and curriculum development. 

Participants are a diverse, progressive interdisciplinary group of veterinary professionals, veterinary medical educators and researchers. 

The conference offers considerable opportunity for networking and sharing innovative ideas. 

Workshops and podium and poster presentations explore research and educational developments in veterinary communication and offer practical suggestions for implementation.

We are pleased to invite abstract submissions for workshop, podium and poster presentations. The ICCVM focuses in sharing research and innovation, disseminating best practices, fostering experiential education, building community and promoting dialogue on important communication issues. 


To create knowledge, present findings and enhance communication and outcomes for veterinary professionals, clients, patients, educators and researchers. 

To develop evidence-based educational programs and curricula that foster communication with clients and colleagues from professional veterinary education to continuing education. 

To promote communication research relevant to veterinary practice and teaching-learning. 

To recognize effective communication techniques, protocols or programs in veterinary practices that have a positive impact on outcomes for veterinary professionals, clients and patients. 

To integrate communication and other clinical competencies including medical knowledge, physical examination and clinical reasoning. 

To expand the domains of communication to all aspects of public, corporate and private veterinary practice. 

To foster and make connections between communication teaching, research and practice in veterinary medicine in order to establish a critical mass and develop collaborations to promote communication in veterinary medicine. 

Workshop presentation 
(90 minutes long) 

These workshops are intended to provide opportunities for participants to engage with each other and with the workshop facilitators and should be 75% interactive. In your abstract submissions, please specify the strategies you will use to engage participants in interactive structured activities, application of concepts or skills, discussion, etc.

Abstract outline: Title (up to 15 words), Introduction/Background, Objectives, Methods (outline showing divisions of time so that 75% is interactive), and Implications (up to 250 words). 

Podium presentation
(10 minutes long with 5 minutes for discussion) 

Podiums provide a forum for researchers, educators or practitioners to present communication projects that are completed or near completion with clear outcomes or findings to report. Each podium session will include 3-4 presentations thematically grouped with questions and discussion after each. 

Abstract outline: Title (up to 15 words), Introduction/Background, Objectives, Methods, Findings, and Discussion (up to 250 words).   

Poster presentation (2 minute poster-side presentation with 3 minutes for discussion 

Posters offer practitioners, educators or researchers the opportunity to share best practices, educational or organizational innovations and research projects. This is also a good place to outline projects that are still in developmental stages. Displays will be showcased during designated conference hours when presenters will be available for discussion with delegates.

Abstract outline: Title (up to 15 words), Introduction/Background, Objectives, Methods, Findings, and Discussion (up to 250 words). 

Suggested themes for workshop, podium or poster submissions

• Veterinarian-client-patient communication           
• Teaching clinical communication skills
• Assessing communication competence
• Basic and applied research in veterinary communication
• Authentic, affirmative and courageous presence
• High performance health care
• Relationship-centered care
• Cross-cultural communication
• Narrative medicine
• Inter professional teaching & learning
• One health communication
• How to sustain a communication program
• Communication research methods
• Ethical communication issues
• Client participation and perspective
• Perspective and maintenance of skills learned since graduation
• Leading change in education or practice
• Collegial communication 

Submissions will be assessed by the review committee based on the 
following criteria

Originality and innovation 
Clear objectives 
Evidence and objectivity

Key dates

Abstract submission opens June 1, 2017
Submission deadline: October 15, 2017
Applicants informed of decision (acceptance/ decline): November 15, 2017
Accepted presenters to confirm availability to present by December 15, 2017



For queries regarding application topics and content please contact: 

Cindy L Adams 
ICCVM 2017 Steering Committee - Chair
T: 403. 680.9944
E: cadams@ucalgary.ca 

For queries regarding the online submission process and for technical difficulties, please contact: 

Daniela Nogueira
8th ICCVM Conference 
T:1.888.527.3434 / 519.263.5050 /519.263.6003 (direct) 
E: daniela@bayleygroup.com