8th ICCVM Conference 2018

Pre-Conference Workshops 
March 22, 2018 

The Power of Feedback: A Workshop Giving and Receiving Feedback within Veterinary Practice Teams
This day-long workshop is designed for all members of large and small animal veterinary practices who are involved in giving and receiving feedback within the practice setting.

Simulated Clients in Veterinary Communication Education: A Workshop on Building and Maintaining Simulated Client Programs
This day-long workshop is designed for everyone interested in creating new simulated client programs or enhancing those already in existence. We will focus on developing optimal techniques for training SC’s, writing strong cases, and effectively administering SC programs over time.

Enhancing Communication Coaching in Veterinary Medicine: Taking Your Coaching Abilities to the Next Level
This day-long workshop will focus on developing advanced coaching techniques that maximize engagement, understanding and learning of communication in education and practice settings.