Global Unity Gathering
  • 2018 - Transcendence & Mastery: Experience a meditation offered by Sai Maa Teacher Tyagananda Das that invites us into relaxation and expansion—a powerful state from which to create. Then, listen as Doug Hanover shares five outcomes of the Global Unity Gathering that will permanently alter the trajectory of our lives. 

Access the call (26 minutes)

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  • Change Your Breath, Heal Your Mind: In Sai Maa’s infinite love and devotion for us, Maa gifted a powerful audio program for healing our feelings, soul, karma, consciousness, and our world. (October, 2017) 
    Listen to Sai Maa (34 minutes)

  • The Iceberg: To gain insight into the intricate, hidden nature of the subconscious mind, listen to this short audio teaching from Tyagananda Das. (September, 2017)
    Listen to the audio (4 minutes)

  • Your Subconscious Mind: Sai Maa Teachers Mary Sise and Swami Parameshwarananda offer a more in-depth look and share tools to begin healing the subconscious mind. (September, 2017)
    Watch the mini-webinar (16 minutes)

  • Sai Maa at Darshan in Albany & Boulder: Sai Maa addresses those gathered at Darshan about essential work that we must all be aware of for the Global Unity Gathering. (September, 2017)
    Listen to the Darshan audios from Albany (2 minutes) and Boulder (3 minutes)  

  • Love Meditation: This meditation, activating the quality of unconditional love for our world, was offered by Sai Maa Successors Lucinda Hanover and Achyutananda Das for the Sai Maa community in Japan. (August, 2017)
    Listen to the meditation (16 minutes)

  • Illuminating and Purifying the Energetic Bodies: Powerful expanded teachings on the chakras and subtle bodies offered by Brahmacharinis Rajeshwari Dasi and Shree Devi on our energetic bodies, including a brief daily practice that serves as a vital support at this transformational time. (May, 2017)
    Watch the webinar (1 hr, 8 min) 

  • Sai Maa’s Message from Mauritius: Sai Maa’s message about the Global Unity Gathering during Maa’s trip to Mauritius. (February, 2017) 
    Listen to Sai Maa (10 minutes)