Groningen Annual Meeting 2019
The Groningen Declaration Network’s Annual Meeting Planning Committee invites you to submit a presentation for consideration for the 2019 Annual Meeting Agenda. Presenting at the 2019 GDN Annual Meeting offers a valuable opportunity to connect directly with colleagues in the digital learners data ecosystem. The overall theme of the 2019 annual meeting is

Creating the New World for Academic and Professional Mobility/
Creando el Nuevo Mundo para la Movilidad Académica y Profesional

All stakeholders in the GDN Ecosystem are encouraged to submit their proposals, in English or in Spanish. Share with us your best practice, pilot, or vision, having to do with the technical interoperability or the business interoperability aspects that will make the portability and sharing of digital student data sets a reality. Key stakeholders we would like to highlight include:
  • Data consumers: students and citizens, funding agencies, government authorities, employers, immigration authorities, recruitment organisations

  • Data providers: HEIs, funding agencies, digital awarding platforms

  • Data custodians: digital student data depositories

  • Service providers: systems developers, IT service providers

  • Quality assurance agencies: accrediting agencies

  • Evaluation and recognition bodies and assocations of evaluation agencies: AICE, ENIC-NARIC centres, NACES, TAICEP, professional licensing bodies

  • Verifiers: AQVN, Verification agencies

  • International bodies: international bodies, NGOs, membership associations dealing with internationalisation of higher education
Stakeholder pilot updates are welcome! Topics you think should be added are encouraged.

Submission Information


Presentations can be up to 30 minutes, including questions and answers.  Shorter presentations of 10 to 15 minutes that report on national projects or emerging technology are encouraged.

Submission Guidelines

You need to provide the following:

  • A 500-word abstract or summary of your presentation
  • A short, no more than 150-word, professional biography that includes your name, title and position within your institution and a head and shoulders photo

Submissions, including abstract, biography and photo must be uploaded using the dedicated submission portal no later than January 31, 2019. No late submissions will be accepted.  Incomplete submissions will be rejected.

Selection Process

Your presentation summary will be reviewed, and decisions will be announced by Date to be determined. The potential interest of your paper, the quality of the presentation and its relevance to the theme and audience of the GDN Meeting will determine whether it is accepted. The decision of the review panel is final.

Publishing of Presentations

All presentations will be published online at the conclusion of the 2019 GDN Annual Meeting. 

For further information please contact Herman de Leuuw via email