2018 International First Aid Education Conference


Airfare/mileage as per the following caps billed on actual amounts:
o Travel within Eastern/Atlantic Canada to Niagara Falls, ONup to $500.00 return including mileage for those traveling by car billed at        $0.40/km.
o Travel from Central Canada to Niagara Falls, ON – up to $500.00 return
o Travel from Western Canada to Niagara Falls, ON – up to $750.00 return

· Transportation pick-up from and return to Toronto Pearson airport using shuttle service for conference attendees. Fees or expenses related to departure airport travel is not included.  NIAGARA AIRBUS LINK

· One nights hotel accommodations. Additional accommodation requests will be considered pending the number of presentations involved and/or travel time required to facilitate conference commitments.

· FREE registration to the conference.

· Parking for local speakers.

· Accommodation for speakers’ food allergies, medical conditions, or other special considerations as identified. Speakers who require some type of assistance must discuss their requirements at the time of hiring. Note - We do not purchase speaker books or DVDs, but will consider their sale during the conference. Books should be motivational or personal experience. A book sale agreement must be completed when the speaker is hired.

Speaker Expense Policy (Printable)