EUVL Symposium
Oral Presentation

A 15 minute time slot is allotted to you, followed by a 5 minute discussion.

You are requested to hand in your presentation at the speaker desk at the latest 1 hour before your talk in Office 1.3 on the ground floor.

Powerpoint instructions

·      Your presentation should be prepared in PowerPoint with page set-up: format 16:9 in landscape orientation.

·      Use high-contrast lettering and a standard lettertype such as Helvetica or Arial.

·      Use high-contrast colours: light text on dark background or vice versa.

·      Do not overload your slides with long sentences: use keywords rather than complete sentences.

·      Save your presentation on a USB stick, CD or DVD and bring this with you to Maastricht. It is not allowed to present from your own computer.

Management on-site
The staff will assist you with any changes you may have and make sure that your presentation is uploaded on the conference PC in the session room.

Your USB stick cannot be given directly to the technical staff in the meeting room, but bring your presentation along (on the relevant device) to the meeting room in case a problem would occur.

You are requested to verify the content of your slide presentation (images, text, movies etc…) on the computer at the speaker desk. Please note that the organisers cannot be held liable for any loss of images during data transfer (CD-ROM, USB stick etc…). 

Presentations from a personal laptop will not be allowed.

The session chairpersons will be present at the front of the meeting room during the last 15 minutes of the break prior to your session. In those 15 minutes, please introduce yourself to the chairpersons and familiarise yourself with the AV tools. 

No more changes can be made inside the room where the session takes place. The meeting room has a technician to assist you with your presentation if needed.

Please hand in a pdf version of your oral or poster presentation at the registration desk for the symposium proceedings.

Poster Presentation

  • Posters will be presented on the poster boards provided by the conference.
  • The poster dimensions are: max width: 90 cm – max height: 120-140 cm (= PORTRAIT position).


Installation: Sunday, October 4 between 13.00 and 20.00 hrs
                             Monday, October 5 between 08.00 and 16.00 hrs

Removal: Wednesday, October 7 between 10.00 and 13.30 hrs

(Posters that are not removed within the indicated timings will be taken down by the conference staff, who will not take any responsibility for the material on display.) 

  •      Posters are to be put on display in the lobby of the MECC.
  •      Poster numbers matching the allocated poster numbers in the program will be clearly marked on the boards. The detailed program can be downloaded from the website.
  •      Posters will be discussed during the poster reception that takes place on Monday 5 September from 18.00 hrs – 21.00 hrs.
  •      Pushpins will be available at your poster board.
Please hand in a pdf version of your oral or poster presentation at the registration desk for the symposium proceedings.