EUVL Symposium

The Symposium, hosted by imec in cooperation with SEMATECH and EIDEC, provides a forum to discuss and assess the worldwide status of EUVL technology and infrastructure readiness. New, original and un-published material is sought for this conference.


Presentations for this symposium are being solicited for the following EUVL topics, with strong preference for contributions discussing HVM introduction and EUVL extendibility.

  • Exposure Tools (ET)
  • EUV light sources (SO)
  • Resists and materials (RE)
  • Masks (MA)
  • Material outgassing, optics and mask lifetime, and contamination (OC)
  • Metrology and inspection (MI)
  • Processes enhancing EUV (PE)
  • EUV insertion into manufacturing (EI)

Submission Guidelines & Author Instructions

Only papers meeting the following submission guidelines can be accepted:

  • A 200-word (maximum) abstract
  • Abstracts must be submitted as a MS Word file via the online submission form (see above).
  • Do not submit proprietary information in any materials. All presentations must be non-confidential

You can submit several at the same time:

  • Click on the link below to start
  • Fill out your personal data and go trough the submission procedure
Your abstract(s) is/are only uploaded successfully when yo receive an automatic reply confirming your submission(s).

IMPORTANT: The uploaded Word file(s) must contain Title, authors & affiliations and the actual abstract.



Student Scholarships

This year the International EUVL Symposium is introducing a “Student Support Fund”. Each company that is a sponsor of the EUVL Symposium will also be contributing to this fund. The purpose of the fund is to encourage and support student abstract submission and participation in this annual conference. Students must submit abstracts adhering to the same topics and guidelines as the professional presenters. The abstract submission form can be found above. Please be sure to indicate on the form that your submission is for the student scholarship. Abstracts will be judged by a committee of esteemed EUVL professionals with notifications slated for August 24, 2015.

If your paper is accepted and you receive enough votes from the program committee, you will be awarded a financial stipend to cover the cost of both your airfare and hotel accommodations.