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Early Registration Opens

7:30 am
Registration/Conference Check-In

8:30 am
Welcome to the Extreme Sales Summit 2014
Presenting a unique sales event that brings the leading edge sales concepts, strategies, techniques and motivation to the home improvements industry!
 --- Tony Mancini, Group Director, Professional Remodeler/ProRemodeler.com and Joy Kilgore, CEO, EBA PRIME

9:00 amKeynote Speaker - Mike Ditka - "Winning in Business and in Life"
Sports Commentator, Entrenpreneur and National Football League Hall of Fame tight end and coach, Mike Ditka is also one of the greatest motivational speakers for business leaders today. After a long career in football, Coach Ditka has grown and created an enviable business empire that includes several restaurants, a beverage and spirits company, and books. Ditka, coach of the Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears in 1985 will highlight the perspective, determination, will and hard work it takes to succeed in any endeavor, particularly entrepreneurship. -- Mike Ditka

10:30 amNetworking and Snacks in our Sponsor Arena
Please spend some time getting acquainted with our great sponsors! Pick up the useful information they have for you and make a new friend.
11:00 am"Speaking in Tongues and Grooves: The Language of Remodeling Sales" 
While the client and the home may be similar, the sales approach between specialty and design/build sales are very different. Mark will not only share the good, the bad and the ugly of each sales dialect but will more importantly share ways you can adapt your sales process and techniques to see better results.
  1. The differences between full-service and specialty sales techniques
  2. Time is NOT on your side
  3. Top 10 closing techniques 
 -- Mark Richardson, CR

12:00 pmESS Fast Pitch Lunch
Meet the vendors to hear about new products in a quick, informative format.
Available to the first 120 to sign up, limited to two attendees per company.

1:30 pm
"Small Painting Company to Mega Full-Size Remodeling: How Persistence, Process and Perseverance Pays Off"
Mr. Ferro has been a leader in the remodeling industry for over 25 years. As CEO of Alure Home Improvements, he has shepherded the company through a period of unparalleled growth. Alure is notable for several reasons. Through its massive Owens Corning Basement Finishing System it has assembled a marketing and sales machine that any replacement contractor would admire. But the company is also a full-service remodeling firm offering everything from handyman services to room additions and whole-house remodeling. Through his many appearances on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Ferro is also a television personality. The company has also become well known for serving is Long Island, New York community. -- Sal Ferro, CEO, Alure Home Improvements

2:00 pm
"Technology as a Sales Asset"
Technology has revolutionized the remodeling industry, but does it make it easier for the client to buy? Or are they more overwhelmed? Vince is a remodeler just like you but has developed some very interesting uses of technologies in the selling process. For those that are confused, get ready to simplify. For those that want to make technology even better, come to take notes.
  1. High Tech vs. High Touch Selling
  2. The Table: a technology tool or a closing technique?
  3. Apps that will differentiate and help to sell.
-- Vince Nardo, CEO, Reborn Cabinets

"Enhance the Remodeling Experience with Technology"
Houzz has become an integral part of the homeowner's buying process. Learn how online design ideas work today and how they shape your selling skills.
  1. Take a design fantasy and make it come to life with technologies
  2. Control the selection process rather than the process controlling you
  3. Raise your imagination to the next level by leveraging the technology tools available to the homeowner and to you
-- Liza Hausman, Vice President of Community, Houzz.com

3:00 pmNetworking and Snacks in our Sponsor Arena
Ignore those pesky emails and voicemails. They can wait! Spend some quality time with our friends and sponsors. And grab some quick refreshments while you talk.

3:30 pm
"Stop losing Sales to Multi-Cultural Customers!"
Hispanics, Asians, African Americans and Middle Easterners are the fastest-growing homebuyer group in America today and they often buy homes that need improvement. These could be your customers IF you know how to treat them with sensitivity to their culture. Unfortunately, in the first thirty seconds most untrained remodeling salespeople unintentionally insult a multicultural customer at least three times. Find out how to:
  1. Build instant rapport with multicultural customers
  2. Overcome constant haggling
  3. Recognize specific improvements that appeal to certain groups
  4. Detect buying signs with customers who show no body language
  5. Much more
-- Dr. Michael Lee

5:00 pmEnd of Day One - Wrap

5:00 pm - 6:00 pmReception brought to you by WELLBORN CABINETS
How can you add even greater value and interest to your Extreme Sales Summit experience?  Stick around for an hour of meeting our sponsors.  Create new opportunities and relationships while enjoying your favorite soft drink or adult beverage and visiting with friends.

7:30 amDay Two - Welcome 
 -- Tony Mancini, Group Director, Professional Remodeler/ProRemodeler.com and Joy Kilgore, CEO, EBA PRIME

8:00 am
"High-Performance Selling"
Sandler Training is the world's leading sales training organization. You get to this level only through developing sales training strategies that are proven to work. In the spirit of "Extreme" selling, Bill will share many of these techniques and approaches. 
  1. What is high-performance selling?
  2. Ways to increase sales while saving time and stress in the process.
  3. You can have consistently great sales years.
-- Bill Bartlett (Sandler Rock Star)

9:00 am
"Formula for Sales Success"
Chris has a unique perspective. He has taken the proven skills and techniques he developed from being a leader in auto sales into the home improvement world with Reborn Cabinets. During his session, Chris will share his personal lessons and parallels from the automobile sales environment and how we can apply these to in-home sales. Some areas of focus are:
  1. Selling products vs. selling process
  2. Sales language makes all the difference
  3. Sales processes and techniques is the difference between winning and losing
 -- Chris LaVoie, Reborn Cabinets

10:00 am
Grab a snack and cup of coffee, network with our great sponsors in the Sponsor Arena and then hurry back!

10:15 am
"Energy Efficiency and Building Science as a Sales Tool"
Today you not only need to know how to sell to the client, but to consider the House as the new patient. People buy emotionally, but need to rationalize logically. If you can create enough good reasons to buy based on improving the home's performance, you will close with a higher rate and a more delighted client. Gord will explain both the building science and how to sell it.
  1. Doing the right thing can make the close a "nonevent".
  2. Your knowledge instills confidence; your confidence creates enthusiasm; and enthusiasm sells.
  3. Learn how to make building science part of the sales process.
  -- Gord Cooke

11:15 am"Positioning Yourself for the Future...Life After Sales"
Whether you are beginning your sales career or in the twilight it is important you control your professional process. Mark began in remodeling sales then developed a sales team then lead the growth of an organization. Each of these passages can lead to the next. What is your life after sales?
  1. Many seek happiness when happiness is actually a choice!
  2. We are all sales people but some are better than others!
  3. You can control your destiny rather than letting it control you.
 -- Mark Richardson, CR

11:45 am
Celebrate the Sale!
Don’t leave before you hear some of the best tips and highlights from this great event. Every sale is a success — a feather in your cap. Don’t pass up the chance to celebrate! Will you be the winner of the grand door prize? You must be present to win!

12:00 pm
Say "See you later!" to new friends
As we leave to go on the next call and close the next sale!

We’ll See You Next Year - 2015 Extreme Sales Summit