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Connecting urban project promoters and financiers

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Expression Of Interest

Matchmaking With Urban Project Promoters


As urban populations increase, budgets tighten, and the pressure is on for cities to improve services and infrastructures for a better quality of urban life, smart city solutions tackle urgent urban challenges by improving air quality, using energy efficiently and enabling new services.

The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) Marketplace is an initiative supported by the European Commission that aims to nurture and accelerate smart city solutions to support innovation to implementation, and solution replication and scale-up. The Marketplace’s implementation focus is on energy, mobility and integrated infrastructures (ICT).

What we are looking for

We want to engage with financiers who are interested to invest in city projects.

For this purpose, we created a dedicated platform to get the people involved in smart city projects to meet one-on-one. Early-stage discussions between these parties help co-designing solutions and improving the opportunities of finance and, ultimately, development.

After three rounds of successful Matchmaking in the last four months, the EIP-SCC Marketplace is organising the next matchmaking session on 28-29 March in Turin, Italy.

Should you register to the Matchmaking platform we will inform you by email once the event date and location is disclosed.


Application procedure

Eligibility Criteria

Financiers that want to invest in smart city projects are all eligible; i.e. investment banks, commercial banks, pension funds, promotional banks, fund managers, venture capitalists, business angels.

For additional information, please visit the or contact us at


To start using the Matchmaking platform you need to create an account. Register as a user by clicking here.

If you have done this for a previous event please wait until we send you a reactivation link by email. Should you encounter any problem with this, please contact our support staff at

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Interested project promoters may contact you directly after finding you on the Members Directory. They may send a message, share some short information about a project they are working on and request a meeting in Turin. We encourage you to ask project promoters for any information which you need to process their request for a meeting.

Should you require any help, you may send a specific request to:



We are constantly reviewing all project proposals submitted on this platform. Where the submission is unclear, we try to assist the project promoters to improve their submission. When this is completed, we will contact you to suggest a list of projects which you may be interested in.