EECON NSW 2015, the EESA NSW Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition, was held at the Australian Technology Park Eveleigh on 25 November. The Conference Theme is "Network efficiencies and opportunities in an increasingly complex energy landscape"

Electricity networks which consist of both transmission and distribution systems face ongoing and serious challenges in the years ahead.

The requirements of planning, designing, constructing and operating systems remain the same, however we now have a radically different environment. This includes such things as very different generation mixes, more Power Electronics controlled loads and two-way energy flows. In addition, all must be managed at reduced cost whilst still ensuring reliability, adequate power quality and customer service. Issues such as ageing infrastructure, staff skills and staff depletion have to be managed, as well as the effects of extreme weather conditions such as bushfires and floods. It is indeed a new world and we need to learn from others and discuss with them the best ways to proceed. EECON NSW 2015 provided an ideal opportunity to do this.

The conference covered discussion on possible new business opportunities that would be open to network businesses in the increasingly diverse energy marketplace of the future.

At the conference there was a diverse range of informative and interesting speakers.  Delegates gained a good understanding of the utility issues, the methods and tools which have worked successfully, as well as the opportunities and challenges still to be managed. Delegates returned to their organisation better prepared for the increasingly complex energy landscape of the future.

This wass a technical conference, providing ongoing professional development for technical people in the electricity industry. It was a great way for members of Engineers Australia to earn their professional development points.

We thank everyone who supported EECON NSW in November 2015.

Bob Smith

NSW Chapter Chair