2017 CUGH Conference
Satellite Events | Reimagining Population Health Through Global Partnership

Reimagining Population Health Through Global Partnership
Thursday, April 6, 2017
1pm - 5pm | Room TBA

Washington Hilton Hotel - Dupont Circle
Washington DC

This half day session occurs prior to the start of the 8th Annual CUGH Global Health Conference. 

Registration is free but required. Registration for this session is separate from registration for the 8th Annual CUGH Conference.

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University of Washington

This session will aim to generate several promising ideas for cross-university population health partnerships that lead both to publication and potential funding.

This session will be a facilitated and highly interactive four-hour discussion led by leaders of hte University of Washington's Population Health Initiative. The session is intended to identify opportunities for universities, faculty, and students to work together to generate solutions to some of the population health challenges we face in the areas of human health, environmental resilience, and social and economic equity.

The session will be led by
Ali Mokdad, Director of Middle Eastern Initiatives and Professor of Global Health at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). Other speakers will include:

Christopher J.L. Murray, UW Professor of Global Health and Director of IHME.
Judith N. Wasserheit, the William H. Foege Chair of the UW Department of Global Health and Professor of Global Health & Medicine.
Thaisa Way, Executive Director of Urban@UW and UW Professor of Landscape Architecture.

A guided discussion will begin by identifying the individual research expertise and population health strengths of the universities represented. Each group will then collectively brainstorm a comprehensive list of project ideas related to their focus area that have the best chance of crossing universities.

Once a comprehensive list is developed, each table will coalesce around the table's top three ideas from their discussion. Each table will then report out to the entire group, along for questions and clarification. Once every table has presented, the attendees will individually vote on the three they find to be most promising.

Post-session, the top three ideas identified through voting will be developed further for publication and be positioned for potential funding. Attendees will stay connected to this work through the drafting and editing of an artical describing the group's work, as well as during the pursuit of potential funding opportunities.