2016 Corporate Counsel Forum Africa

Corporate Counsel Forum Africa 2016:
The annual meeting place for Africa's leading general counsel

Thursday 8 September 2016
The Wanderers Club
Johannesburg, South Africa

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08:30 Registration
09:00 Welcome from the Chairman
Andrew Johnston, group executive and company secretary, Altron

09:10 Keynote address: Africa now - the need for an independent Bar 
Jeremy Gauntlett SC, senior counsel, Cape and Johannesburg Bars; Brick Court Chambers, London 
09:40 Panel 1: Indigenisation of law – social, cultural and economic challenges for the pan African legal team 
Africa has entered the 21st century with huge unresolved issues. These issues stem right across the continent and impact everyone right from those on the poverty line up. For those in the legal profession, Africa presents huge challenges due to the varying cultural, social and economic conditions of each of the 54 countries. Here in this session our panellists explore what it really means to carry responsibility for multiple African countries and address the rules of engagement when tackling new markets. 
William Kosar, senior legal advisor to the Somalia Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources, World Bank 
Andrew Dixon-Smith, head, legal, International corporates, financial Institutions
& commercial banking, Africa & Middle East, Standard Chartered Bank 

10:25 Interactive focus groups 
A) How’s your appetite? Risk management strategies for in-house 
Historically risk management has been somewhat disregarded by senior management as an activity which added little value to the business or its capabilities. Nowadays, the need to establish well defined systems and processes which monitor ongoing risks are crucial to ensuring the smooth running of the business. Here in this session we will assess how effectively companies think they are managing these risks, what they are doing to communicate them better, and how they are changing their approach to risk management in order to keep pace with developments in the ever-evolving business environment. 
Luche Joubert, head of legal services, Remgro  
Nigel Asprey, former head of legal risk management, FirstRand Bank 
B) An In-house guide to contract management
The demands of an information-overloaded, 24/7 global economy are straining legal departments to deliver faster, while maintaining a high level of due diligence and control over the contracting process. This has led legal departments to seek new ways to streamline the contract drafting process to make the process quicker and ultimately more efficient. So as in-house counsel, what is required during the drafting process and how can you make this a less daunting task? Are there any pitfalls you should be aware of? Join Michael Manolios as he explores how in-house legal teams can manage ICT agreements, effectively, efficiently, and most of all risk free.
Advocate Michael Manolios, legal and commercial services manager, Bytes Systems Integration
11:25 Networking and refreshment break 

11:45 Panel 2: Africa – the regulatory Rubik’s cube 
In a continent made up of a multitude of laws and legislations, ensuring you comply with each and every one can be complex, time consuming and ultimately a headache for you and your legal team. So how can you build an effective strategy for dealing with such a broad range of regulatory demands?  
Join this session to learn some of the essential solutions which can help you and your company enforce and optimise compliance to regulations and corporate standards. 
Russell van Blomestein, executive: strategic regulatory compliance, Standard Bank Group
Lynelle Bagwandeen, group company secretary and general counsel, Netcare 
Jaasi Munanka, vice-president: group legal, eithics & compliance, AngloGoldAshanti 

12:30 Team management: Catch and release…who’s bait is it anyway? 
Attracting a positive and motivated member of staff is vital to the success of an organisation. Losing them to another in-house legal team, or law firm can not only be costly to the business but also reduce morale amongst other employees. Implementing an employee retention programme and understanding what you as team leader is required to do in order to retain talent will ensure members of your in-house team don’t slip through the net. Attend this session to gain greater understanding of what it is your team need from you, and what strategies you can employ to retain your staff and build a strong, hardworking team of lawyers. 
Naseera Ebrahim, vice president, general counsel, Sage International 
Kevin Lester, head of legal, South Africa, Anglo American 
Kerryn Arnott, head: legal CIB, Standard Bank, South Africa 
Zodwa Velleman, legal, corporate relations and security director, Heineken 

13:15 Lunch break 

14:20 Interactive focus groups 
A) Resourcefulness in tough times - setting standards for a nimble, efficient and successful legal department 
During times like these, the primary focus for most in-house counsel is on cutting costs, doing more with less and finding ways to maintain consistent control over their growing workload. But as the market conditions change, so too does the expectations of in-house counsel. Join us in exploring how in-house counsel can optimise their limited resources to increase growth all while proving their value to their team and senior management. KPI’s, effective communication and cost cutting tools will all be discussed during this vibrant interactive debate. 
Vimla Reddy, executive head: legal & company secretary, Scaw
Abiodun Peters, corporate & compliance counsel, Nigerian Bottling Company 
B) Data protection & privacy - the new frontier for risk and compliance in Africa
Sponsored by Baker & McKenzie
2015 was an incredible year for cybersecurity in Africa. South Africa tabled a draft Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill and made strides towards the appointment of an Information Regulator in order to bring the Protection of Personal Information Act into substantive operation. Following the approval by the African Union of a convention on cybersecurity and data protection, Nigeria signed a Cybercrime bill into law in May 2015, marking it the sixth country in Africa to establish a national policy framework on cybercrime. As the IT sector continues to grow, so too does the risk for an attack. In order to protect business assets and reputation of their company, general counsel have to be aware of the risks and understand the importance in establishing an effective strategy for dealing with potential breaches to personal and confidential data.  This hands on session will deliver practical advice from a global perspective on how to utilise your internal resources to prevent, detect, predict and respond to cyber threats.
Dyann Heward-Mills, partner, Baker & McKenzie, London 
Darryl Bernstein, partner, Baker & McKenzie, South Africa 

15:20 Networking and refreshment break 

15:40 Panel 3: The interplay and evolution of the legal Service arena in Africa 
The traditional perception is that there is typically an either-or choice between outsourcing work to an external law firm and doing it in-house. Yet, the legal service arena in Africa is no longer what it used to be and there are now a variety of different options. During this session our panellists will look at the interplay between each of the four main service providers in Africa (in-house, external counsel, freelancers and low cost service providers) and take a closer look at how general counsel can holistically design their team to make the most out of what is available.  
Pieter Badenhorst, director, legal, risk and compliance, AFGRI 
Kevin Lester, head of legal, South Africa, Anglo American 
Megan Jackson, head of consulting, Exigent 

16:25 Keynote address: career development for In-house 
Faaiza Mayet, chief legal counsel, Southern Africa, Mondelez South Africa (Pty) Ltd

17:00 Closing remarks from the chairman 

17:05 Close of conference