2018 Corporate Counsel Forum Africa

Corporate Counsel Forum Africa

Thursday 6 September 2018 | The Wanderers Club, Illovo, Johannesburg

2018 Conference Programme

08:00 Registration

09:00 Welcome by the chairs

Ayele Locoh-Donou, general counsel, General Electric Healthcare Africa
Shibishi Maruatona, general counsel, South Africa, Ford Motor Company

09:10 The evolving role of General Counsel: surviving, adapting and strengthening your position

The role of the General Counsel has changed immeasurably in Africa over the past 10 years. Now General Counsel are now expected to harness a blend of skills (legal and non-legal), lead and format strategy on key risk and priority issues in the business and demonstrate value to the board. Given all this, what practical measures are General Counsel taking to get a seat at the table? Hear from our elite panel as they discuss the steps they have taken to align internal legal activity with the strategic goals of the business, the journey they have taken to the boardroom, and the skills, knowledge and tools needed to be an effective General Counsel.

Moderator: Ayele Locoh-Donou, general counsel, General Electric Healthcare Africa
Henk Crouse, general counsel (Africa), HSBC Bank
Bertrandt Delport, head of legal – Africa, BT
Jeannine Naude-Viljoen, general counsel, Transunion Africa

09:50 Transforming the practice of law: Understanding the rise of legal operations

With the expanding role of the in-house department, there is more pressure than ever to deliver a seamless running of legal services and strategy to your company, and to achieve this with an increasingly limited budget. Enter the role of legal operations. This session will deep dive into case studies of the best and brightest legal operations individuals, examining why there has been such a significant rise in legal operations in recent years, and what this means for the in-house team, legal services delivery and your business.

Moderator: Matthew Welz, head of legal & company secretary, Clicks Group
Kevin Lester, head of legal South Africa, Anglo American
Thabile Molokomme, head of legal and company secretary, ‎Shell
Faith Adesua, commercial legal manager, Guinness Nigeria

10:30 Networking and refreshment break

10:50 Integrity, ethics and consciousness: Is a strong compliance culture sufficient?

Tackling corruption can be seen as a near impossible feat, so how can in-house build integrity and an ethical mindset into their business when surrounded by a culture of corruption? What does it mean to have a conscious business and what are the benefits?

The panel will assess:

  • The different regulations that govern the public versus private sectors
  • How Corporate governance and the King Code can help companies build a more ethical culture
  • The role of the GC as ethics controller and guardian of corporate values
  • Building an ethically conscious business
  • Reacting to unethical behaviour

Linda Anene, legal counsel - technology and corporate centres, Safaricom Limited
Euphemia Annor, legal director, Africa: health, Reckitt Benckiser
Yvonne Perumal, divisional director - legal, Liberty Group
Madeleine Truter, head of group legal, EPS Group

11:30 Interactive breakout groups

Our interactive breakout groups offer delegates the chance to examine specific topics of interest in greater detail through an informal roundtable discussion. Please select from:

A) The General Counsel’s role in building reputation & crisis management
What role should you be playing to help protect your organisations reputation and build trust both internally and externally? What are the best (and worst) strategies to implement in order to manage a crisis, and salvage your companies reputation in its aftermath? Join this session as our expert speaker look at the General Counsel’s role as the advocate for the company.

Rebotile Bopape, GM Legal: Southern Africa Region, MultiChoice Africa
Stephanie Brown, associate general counsel, Shell

Kim Morgan-Verlaque, general counsel, Africa & global home care division, Unilever

Nurturing employee engagement and potential
This session will explore methods of engaging and developing your workforce. How can you adapt to changing expectations of millennials, as well as different personalities types and requirements in your staff? A company cannot expect to succeed with a disengaged workforce, so how can you continue to drive experienced lawyers and in turn, develop competitive, skilled and innovative lawyers from fresh graduates?

Pieter Badenhorst, director: legal, risk and compliance AFGRI Group

12:20 Networking lunch break

13:20 Navigating a multi-jurisdictional climate in Africa

Navigating the diverging laws and regulatory environments throughout the African continent is a complex process. How can in-house handle this climate and ensure they stay on top of the changing legislation and regulation?

This session will examine:

  • OHADA and their alignment on laws
  • The rise and impact of multijurisdictional legal systems in Africa – understanding the best practice for keeping on top of the laws
  • Examining the various corporate committees
  • Dealing with suppliers and third party due diligence
  • Drawing the line of cultural norms vs compliance expectation

Alessandro Scalco, head of legal, Ashburton Investments 
Sonal Sejpal, director, ALN Kenya, Anjarwalla & Khanna 

13:50 Debunking Artificial Intelligence: what in-house need to know

Interest around AI has reached fever pitch, but is there much sustenance beyond the hype? As A.I. continues to take center stage, emerging tech will continue to impact the legal space. Machines can be utilized to complete time-consuming and tedious tasks such as data collecting, searching records and fact verification, significantly impacting the jobs of many interns and junior lawyers. So how will the professional structure accommodate for this shift? As the technology frees up time and makes the profession run more smoothly, does this mean that junior lawyers will be able to take on the tasks of more mid-level executives? And will mid-level executives in turn, find themselves taking on more senior-level tasks? In this session, we’ll explore the possibilities of how tech -- not just A.I. -- will impact the legal industry going forward.

Rian Schoeman, head of legal and compliance, chief privacy officer, LAWtrust
Rosemary Koech-Kimwatu, legal and regulatory specialist, Oxygène Marketing Communications

14:20 Interactive breakout groups

Our interactive breakout groups offer delegates the chance to examine specific topics of interest in greater detail through an informal roundtable discussion. Please select from:

A) Data privacy and security – are you protected?

Data protection is a constant concern on the legal agenda. Most, if not all legal teams are spending a vast amount of time on the implementation of the GDPR, which has already commenced, and POPIA, expected to come into force towards the end of 2018/19. Whilst non-compliance with POPIA and the GDPR is an enormous risk which no Organization can afford, compliance can also present great opportunities. The King IV Report on Corporate Governance underscores both the risks and the opportunities of a particular matter under consideration should be taken into account.
This interactive session will examine the steps needed to ensure Data Privacy compliance and the benefits that such a program will bring to one’s organization, including:

  • An awareness of what data is actually being held and used in the organisation, and for what purposes;
  • Ensuring that excessive and redundant data is not stored for indefinite periods;
  • A review and resultant improve and enhancement of one's data security measures;
  • Effective information security controls and procedures

Prof. Gbolahan Elias, partner ALN Nigeria, G. Elias & Co
Alison Lee
Lusani Nelufule-Mugivhi, senior legal counsel, CSIR

B) Competition and anti trust: can business remain competitive?

This session will examine what impact the competition regulation is having on business in South Africa. With the South African Government pressuring larger companies to use smaller, lcal suppliers, is this having an impact on those companies success? Is it possible to remain competitive in an increasingly restrictive environment? What impact is this having on M&A activity and is this contributing the increasing decline in mergers?

Othelia Langner, legal counsel, Medtronic
Heather Mangwiro,
principal legal advisor - competition law, Sasol

15:10 Networking and refreshment break

15:35 Deploy and disrupt: how the digital revolution will make your team more proficient

The digital revolution is disrupting all aspect of business, but how far does the legal function understand what technology is available & what it can do? With tightening of budgets in-house are expected to provide the same quality of work at lower costs– what can technology do help manage costs and increase efficiency? What can technological developments do to help legal service delivery? Delegates will gain an understanding of the impact technology is having, what in-house teams need to be aware of and how they can utilize these advancements.

Anuksha Doorgapershad, senior manager: legal and finance, Old Mutual Insurance
Lorna Nyandat, head of legal & regulatory affairs, Internet Solutions

16:15 Understanding the Rule of law: Judicial rights, legal processes and the constitution

This keynote session will examine what role has the rule of law has had in sustaining South Africa and the Judicial rights to question and stop government activity. What are the legal processes needed to monitor and challenge unethical third party activity?

Wayne Duvenage, Chief Executive Officer, OUTA

16:55 Closing remarks from the chairs

Ayele Locoh-Donou,
general counsel, General Electric Healthcare Africa
Shibishi Maruatona, general counsel, South Africa, Ford Motor Company