Boundaries Training

Boundaries in Ministry & the Importance of Self-Care


Training for Clergy

Becky Posey Williams

Wisconsin Conference of The United Methodist Church


9:00am     Registration

9:30am            Welcome and Introductions


9:40am     “God Marked a Line”: An Introduction and Discussion of the 
                                       Importance of Boundaries in Ministry
      •          Understanding boundaries as respect for self and others

10:10am       Sexual Misconduct as a Chargeable Offense in The UMC


10:40am       Understanding Power and Vulnerability:  The Heart of the Matter


11:10am        Break


11:25am       Group work at tables: Self-awareness exercises


12:30pm        Lunch


1:15pm             Issues of Integrity:  (Maintaining the integrity of the                                        ministerial relationship)

  •              Friendships and Dual Relationships
  •            To Counsel or Not?
  •            Internet, Technology, Social Media: New Challenges
  •            Others unique to the group

2:30pm       Break


2:45pm        Individual Self-Care Plans for Healthy Ministry:  Poor boundaries are                                        often symptoms of long-term neglect of personal                                 and professional  needs and limits. 

 3:30pm             Adjourn