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11 - 12 October 2013
Vinopolis, London

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cake graphicProgramme: Friday 11th October

The cornerstone of BDA Live will be a two-day educational programme designed around scientific research and its practical application. The narrative of the programme will be built around “behavioural change” as we adapt to new working environments and conditions. The structure within the programme will offer opportunities for peer-to-peer knowledge transfer.

In order to ensure an innovative, creative and exciting experience the programme will include a mix of session formats. The programme will be made up of a variety of learning formats including:

  • the traditional ‘speaker on stage’ main sessions;
  • smaller speaker-led sessions;
  • parallel breakout sessions;
  • sessions run by facilitators; and
  • sessions nominated by attendees during the event.

All of the sessions will be designed to allow attendees the opportunity to participate. And by participation we don’t mean a couple of questions at the end of a talk but a real opportunity to engage with your peers on the important issues raised by our speakers and other participants. Attendees will have the opportunity to host their own session during BDA Live and also they will be able to vote on which sessions they would like to attend during the day.

fruit graphicWhite Space

Each day we will have two spaces on the programme entitled “white space”. These sessions are designed for you to do NOTHING. That’s right. We want you for maybe up to  20mins across the day to do NOTHING. No networking and no listening to content.

With so much going on at BDA Live and Online it is important that we structure in some time for your brain to catch up with everything that you’ve been seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. That’s why we have created some structured “white space” in the programme.

At the end of each session we will allow you a couple of minutes for reflection and for your to gather your thoughts. We will also try to build in some “white space” between each session. We won’t be rushing from speaker to speaker without giving you the time to process the great content from our fantastic speakers.

As well as these “white space sessions” we want to encourage you to take time out when you want. It is important that you don’t try and cram everything in and take a rest when you feel you need it. We will create some very relaxing and comfortable areas throughout the venue designed to help you relax. A relaxed delegate is a delegate ready and able to take in and process new information.

It is also worth noting that research has shown that when you are slightly distracted or your mind is on other things you are in a fine state to process the things you have learned. So make sure you take regular breaks and time outs through the two days and do peruse the other areas in the venue and find sometime for yourself. Create your own white space.

pizza graphic1.2.1 Meetings

Networking shouldn’t just be about serendipity and allowing the best networkers to cream the best opportunities: we believe networking needs some structure. At BDA Live we are doing something a bit different to ensure the right conversations happen.

Using our event management software we will ask each attendee to complete a brief questionnaire. For participants (including other attendees and speakers) who opt into the system they will be able to find out a few things about each other. Participants will be able to arrange 1.2.1 meetings with people who they can learn from, or as importantly, who you think may learn something from you. Or simply just to arrange a time to catch up or exchange ideas.

Hopefully by helping structure the networking we will be able to make the right conversations between attendees happen. The 1.2.1 meeting function will be open a week or so before the event.

Of course all the usual ways to network will be available and nothing will be forced on to participants. This is your event and you are best placed to decide how you wish to get the most out of BDA Live and Online. But be assured as networking is regularly placed first or second by the majority of delegates we are putting a lot of effort in to this area.