Autumn Conference 2016
Oral case report presentations
Please see below a list of the oral case report talks which will be presented at Autumn Conference 2016.

Raynaud's disease - Thursday 13th October, morning
Presenter:  Dr Annabel Suarez 
Additional authors: Dr Gerald Tracey and Dr Eleanor Scull, Royal National Hospital of Rheumatic Diseases, Bath.Dr John Pauling, Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Bath, UK 
Title: Diffuse Scleroderma sine Raynaud's 

Presenter:  Dr Claire Masih 
Additional authors: Dr Mark Hoey, Dr Elisabeth Ball, Dr Claire Riddell, Musgrave Park Hospital, Belfast 
Title: A Case of Transient Raynauds 

Presenter:  Dr Elizabeth Reilly 
Additional authors: Dr R Bowen, Consultant Oncologist, Royal United Hospital, Bath Dr T Ahmed, Consultant Rheumatologist, RNHRD 
Title: Drug induced Raynaud's: Bevacizumab to blame? 

Presenter:  Dr Saadia Malik 
Additional authors: Dr Rebecca Alexander (SpR), University Hospital of North Durham 
Title: A severe case of Raynaud's-Is it due to antiphospholipid syndrome? 

Presenter:  Dr Tharaq Barami 
Additional authors: Dr Arumugam Moorthy,  University Hospitals of Leicester 
Title: Challenging case of raynauds with digital ulcers in Sjogrens syndrome 

Infection and arthritis Thursday 13th October, afternoon
Presenter:  Dr Martha Woodard 
Additional authors: Dr Robert N Thompson, Aintree University Hospital, Liverpool 
Title: Inflammatory polyarthritis 

Presenter:  Dr Rohit Peshin
Additional authors: Dr Mohammad Tariq, Prof Robert Moots*, Dr Karan Grover, Nobles hospital, Isle of Man Aintree Hospital Liverpool 
Title: “Bitten” Black and Blue 

Presenter: Dr Christos Koutsianas
Additional authors: Dr Nathaniel Rotowa, Dr Adel Shoukry and Dr Holly John, The Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Dudley UK
Title: Acute monoarthritis and dermatitis in a pregnant woman

Presenter:  Dr Sunari Subasinghe 
Additional authors: Dr Ravinder Sandhu,  Russells Hall Hospital, The  Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, Dudley 
Title: Inflammatory arthritis in a West African patient

Presenter:  Dr Elliott Lever 
Additional authors: Dr Jessica Lord, Prof Bhaskar Dasgupta, Dr Sarietha Krishna Kumar and Dr John Day 
Title: A small knee effusion turns bad

Presenter:  Dr Matthew Cates 
Title: Rituximab in patients with evidence of past hepatitis B infection 

Spondyloarthropathies Friday 14th October, morning
Presenter:  Dr Alice Mason 
Additional authors: Dr C Holroyd, Mr J Knight, Mr MC Hayes, Dr K Moutasim, Dr M Sommerlad, Dr D Wallis, University Hospital Southampton 
Title: A Case of Retroperitoneal Fibrosis Occuring in a Patient with Ankylosing Spondylitis 

Presenter:  Dr Anna Mistry 
Additional authors: Dr Antoni Chan and Dr Jon Simmons, Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading 
Title: Multiple aseptic abscess syndrome:  a clinical manifestation of auto-inflammatory disease 

Presenter:  Dr Maliha Shaikh

Additional authors: Dr Hasan Tahir, Whipps Cross University Hospital, London

TitleSacroilitis: when it isn't inflammatory, what is it? 

Presenter:  Dr Elizabeth Reilly 
Additional authors: Professor N McHugh, Dr R Sengupta, RNHRD, Bath 
Title: Spondyloarthritis and systemic sclerosis: a curious case of coexisting conditions 

Presenter:  Dr Tharaq Barami 
Additional authors: Dr Arumugam Moorthy,  Univeristy Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, Leicester 
Title: A case of Inflammatory spondyloarthopathy during pregnancy and post partum- Challenges in management 

Vasculitis  Friday 14th October, afternoon

Presenter:  Dr Annamarie Horne 

Additional authors: Dr Hema Bhat, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh 

Title: Rash, Abdo pain, Arthritis


Presenter:  Dr Bijoya Roychowdhury :  

Title: A Case of Recurrent Abdominal Pain. 


Presenter:  Dr Gwenan Huws 

Title: An Unusual Cause of Groin Pain


Presenter:  Dr Lauren Dolan 

Additional authors: Dr Maryam Malik, Dr Sabrina R Raizada, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust, Wolverhampton, UK 

Title: A Complex Presentation to the Early Synovitis Clinic


Presenter:  Dr Philip Yee 

Additional authors: Dr Ei Phyu Htut, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge. 

Title: Metastatic Lesions