ADHA's 94th Annual Conference


Help us make ADHA’s 94th Annual Conference a success!

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The Committee on Annual Session is looking for ADHA member volunteers in the surrounding Jacksonville area of District II to make ADHA’s 94th Annual Conference a successful event.

Volunteers must be members of the ADHA, registered for the ADHA 2017, able to commit to volunteering for at least 3 positions/time slots and attend the volunteer orientation at the Prime Osborn Convention Center.

Committee on Annual Session:

Hazel Kerr, RDH, MS
Linda Harvey, RDH, MS
Angie Patel, RDH, BS
Cammie Davidson, RDH, BS

Board Liaisons:

Jessica Kiser, RDH, BS, MS (2017 Board Liaison)
Sharlee Burch, RDH, MPH, EdD (2018 Board Liaison)

Staff Liaisons:

Maddie Hilpert, Director of Corporate Development
Corinne Zollars, Sr. Manager, Meetings & Conventions
Becca Scholtes, Meetings Coordinator

Volunteer Positions:

Listed below are the various positions available to volunteer for:

  • Product Presentation/Attendee Bag Assembler

    This position will stand and lift lightweight bags. Casual attire recommended. 
    Volunteers needed only on Tuesday, June 13.

  • Hospitality Table Greeter

    This position should be outgoing, comfortable in greeting people and knowledgeable about the city. Volunteers needed on Wednesday, June 14 – Saturday, June 17.

  • Hospitality Greeter/Directional Guide

    This position should be outgoing, comfortable in greeting people, able to stand for long periods of time, and able to guide attendees to their destination. Volunteers needed on Wednesday, June 14– Saturday, June 17.

  • Speaker Host/Room Monitor

    Volunteers serving in this roll will receive complimentary registration for the course assigned and will be able to receive CE hours. Each course will require 1 Speaker Host and 1 Room Monitor. Volunteers needed on Wednesday, June 14 – Saturday, June 17. If selected in this position, you will receive complimentary CE credits.

  • Volunteer Floater

    This is an on-call position that will be utilized in the event a specific volunteer function needs to be filled on-site. Volunteers needed on Thursday, June 15 – Saturday, June 17.

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Please contact one of the Committee on Annual Session Members listed above.