21st Annual RAPID Technical Conference & Vendor Exhibit (21021-0644)
Conference Overview
Welcome, and thank you for choosing to be a part of RAPID history—the 21st Annual RAPID Technical Conference and Vendor Exhibit marks twenty one years of power generation industry professionals working together to meet supply chain’s biggest challenge: getting the right parts, where they are needed, when they are needed. Supply chain professionals coming to Clearwater Beach, Florida in June can expect to learn how industry leaders face this challenge and more.
Many moving parts come together to make the supply chain machine run smoothly. Procurement, engineering, OEMs, vendors and support services all play a critical role in ensuring plant availability and performance. The RAPID Conference exists to provide a venue for key supply chain people to benchmark and share new and evolving processes. The 2012 RAPID Conference will bring utilities and vendors together in a new format to allow for a more direct and effective networking.