WHO International Healthy Cities Conference
The programme will be of interest to politicians, professionals, academics, nongovernmental organizations and community organizations operating at both the strategic and local levels, including:delegations from cities participating in the WHO European Healthy CitiesĀ  Network and European national healthy cities networks;
  • delegations from networks of healthy municipalities, healthy communities, healthy villages, healthy districts and healthy islands and other similar WHO initiatives;
  • representatives of all levels of government: ministers, mayors, councillors, members of regional assemblies and members of parliament;
  • community and voluntary organizations, nongovernmental organizations and interested people;
  • academics working on Conference themes;
  • professionals working for urban health in areas such as public health, urban planning, regeneration, health promotion, environmental health, social care, urban economics, primary health care, community development and equity;
  • representatives from relevant international agencies; and
  • staff members from all WHO regional offices and headquarters.