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Cosmic Consciousness
  28th June to 5th July 2014

Sri Sakthi Amma's Ashram
Peedam, India

Shekinah & Astarte Diana


“My first trip to Sri Puram totally changed my life. I felt more connected, loved and guided than ever before. The energy in every Temple and ceremony blew my mind…literally….easily going beyond the mind into expanded consciousness on a daily basis. I wanted to go home, get my friends and family and bring them all straight back to meet Sri Narayani Amma.” Shekinah


“Changing the world starts with changing the self” Sri Narayani Amma



Astarte Diana is an experienced Astrologer, intuitive healer and teacher.  She is a member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) and is a licensed Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) practitioner, as well as a qualified Aromatherapist. She offers a combination of astrological knowledge and intuitive insights to identify energy patterns and life potential as symbolised by the stars and brings this into awareness to create a unique healing experience.  She has a grounded, practical approach and communicates with a clear and easy to understand style to help you realise your heavenly potential on earth.

Shekinah with Astarte Diana will hold the group gently, as the divine plan for this retreat unfolds through Shakti Durga and Sri Narayani Amma, with a gentle blend of the Shanti Mission style meditation and purification lifted by Sri Narayani Amma’s deep meditation experiences and blessings.

Expect there to be a flavour of Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) and the tree of life as we “play” with experiencing this in our bodies. Astarte Diana is a master astrologer, so there will be an opportunity to explore the planetary influences on us during the retreat. 

Exploring Astrology is like learning a new language - it literally means language (logos) of the stars (astro).  During the retreat we will discuss the essential principles of western Astrology and discover how astrological language applies in your own natal (birth) chart.  We will explore the intricate relationships between the zodiac, the planets, the elements, the astrological signs and houses, and see how they all come together to produce the core energies behind your deepest motivations, desires and passions.  Astrology reveals profound insights into your personal energy patterns and helps you to understand “who you are” in a whole new way.  We will explore core energies in your birth chart in an interactive and experiential way.  By feeling and listening to your chart speak, you receive unique insights into your personal energy make up and life journey and can more easily realise the potential inherent in your birth chart – literally bringing your stars down to earth. 

For Astarte to provide your birth chart diagram, you will be directed to provide your birth details when registering as we will be using these during the retreat. 

Journey to magical India to meet Sri Narayani Amma.


“In a hospital the physical body is healed, in Sri Puram the soul is healed. Sri Narayani Amma

     What is at Sri Sakthi Amma’s Ashram?

  • The star-shaped path with twelve ‘auspicious’ vertices creates a divine energy form on the Earth, akin to the sacred Srichakra. We will be walking this path on a daily basis as a group and individually in meditation to connect and imbue our beings with this potent energy. www.narayanipeedam.org
  •  We will have the opportunity to do abhishekam on Swarna Lakshmi. Our group in April 2013 were some of the first 100 people to be given permission to perform this on Swarna Lakshmi, before such time the only one to do this was Sri Narayani Amma. Amma allows the public to perform this ceremony now to receive the blessings of abundance which pour forth. Several people had life changing experiences during this practice.
  • Being with Amma for Fire ceremony or Abhishekam. We will have the opportunity to sit in the Temple with Amma while puja is performed. After we can usually go up and receive blessing directly! Amazing!
  • Visiting the Golden Temple:

 “Amma has created a really beautiful Ashram complex. The crowning jewel of the Ashram is  the Golden Temple. It is  literally covered in gold, the roof, the walls, the interior, the entire thing.. It was awe inspiring, a Laxmi temple like no other I have ever seen.  When we received our blessings there, the energy was so strong Shiva Kata Tjuta, who is usually pretty robust and used to strong energy, could not get up!”  Shakti Durga

Links to blogs from Shekinah's last trip to Sripuram

Landing in Chennai     Sri Narayani Amma’s Ashram    Walking the Star Path

Maha Aarti Seva      Cosmic Consciousness and Amma


The Golden Temple & Sri Amma on Youtube  for a taste of what you will experience on this retreat

  Please download the following documents to prepare for the retreat

Things To Bring                India Visa Information        Pre Retreat Purification
Download HERE                   Download HERE                 Download HERE                   
  Cost is  $1,852 for this amazing 8 day retreat, plus your airfares

 It has been customary to include $108 in price of the retreat as a donation to Sri Amma's charities. To keep costs down we have made this optional. You will be given the opportunity to select payment for this donation when you register.
 Payment of the $800 deposit will secure your place. $500 is non refundable (see booking conditions)
Balance is due on o
r before 17th May 2014

PLEASE NOTE: Shakti Durga retreats are priced to cover expenses without a profit margin. It is important you make your full payment on time so we can make payment obligations to secure your accommodation, transport etc. You will be sent an email reminder to make final payment. Thank you for assisting us to provide you with a well organised retreat at minimal cost.

Please note: Numbers to this intimate intensive are limited to 20. To ensure your place please book today. 

Price includes

  • Tuition fee
  •  Assistance towards airfare and accommodation for staff.  (Our retreat policy is one staff per ten participants)
  • Administration costs
  • Porter tips
  • A/C coach to & from Chennai & ashram
  • Airport transfer to Chennai hotel
  •  Breakfast daily
  • 1 night Radission  Blu GRT hotel, Chennai  
  •   9 nights Peedam Ashram includes 3 meals daily 
  • All Govt. taxes

        Price does NOT include

  •  Flights
  •  India Visa
  •  Travel insurance, (compulsory )
  •  Meals (other than those stated)
  • Personal expenses
  • Transfers outside the main tour group

Please note. Peedam is an ashram town and smoking is not permitted, not only in the ashram itself but also within the town.We suggest if you are a smoker that you be aware of the no smoking policy, you may need to bring with you nicotine patches or something to help you manage the days of going without. These items will not be available to purchase in India so best to come prepared.


Kamala Nivas (Lotus House)  or B Block Rooms are designed to accommodate two to three people comfortably. Each room has air conditioning, fan, ensuite with western style bathroom facilities.  Bed linen is supplied but please bring your own towel.
Wifi is available for a very small fee, B Block has poor reception but can sit in cafe or reception in Kamala Nivas.

While all effort will be made to have twin share on odd occasions we may need to have 3 to a room. Rooms are large to easily take 3 beds with room to move.

Kamala Nivas
Retreat registration

Deposit $800  with $500 non refundable

Full Cost from : $1,852
Full payment to be made by 17th May
Please Note: you arrange your  own flight to Chennai, flights are not included in cost.
You will have airport transfer to hotel.

 Please download from above important    information you required for the reteat.
New Registration
You will arrange your own flights to Chennai. We advise to book late night flights for your home journey as it is a 3.5 hour drive from Peedam and you need to be at the airport 3 hours before your flight. A bus will be provided to the airport on Sat 30th departure time depends on time to suit majority of evening flights, Should this time frame not fit in with your flight, cars are available to be booked from the ashram at your own expense.
  • 28 June (Saturday)  Chennai, overnight at Radisson Blu GRT Hotel  - you will be picked up from the airport if you enter your flight details in your registration. If you would like to do some shopping in Chennai you might like to arrange early morning arrival or come a day before,  for your extra nights accommodation it will be up to you to make booking by contact hotel yourself see details below, mention you are from Shakti Durga group, Higher Guidance to receive a discount price.
                  Radisson Blu GRT Hotel
531 GST Road
Saint Thomas Mount

                 Chennai 600016

                 IndiaTel: + 91 44 2231 0101
Fax: + 91 44 2231 0202
                 Email: reservations@radissongrt.com
  • 29 June (Sunday)  After breakfast you board an A/C coach traveling to Peeham Ashram. approx 3.5 hrs drive

                 Sri Narayani Peedam
                 Vellore - 632-055
                 Tamil Nadu
                 Tel. +91-995-239-8222

  •  29 Jun - 5 July staying at Sri Narayani Peedam Ashram.  While basic this accommodation is above the usual standard ashram accommodation. Rooms have A/C and ceiling fans, tiled western style bathroom, standard beds which aren’t like home but ok, we slept well.  Breakfast, lunch & dinner, is included in tariff. The food is good. Before starting their day the kitchen staff chant & do puja, the food is truly blessed and made with love & devotion. You may want to bring your own breakfast cereal & snacks.
  • 29 Jun - 5 July   There will be daily programs with Shekinah and Astarte Diana, time to visit Sri Sakthi Amma’s pujas, visit the Golden Temple, walk the Star Path, and whatever else emerges while in the Divine presence of  Sri Sakthi Amma!  We are likely to attend at least one Maha Arti (this is an amazing opportunity to sit in the center of the Golden Temple which Amma’s priests do a long and powerful ceremony.)
  • 5 July You will travel to Chennai airport to board your flight home or you may wish to stay on in India.  It is advised when booking your flights home to have evening flights as it is 3.5 hrs drive back to airport and you need to be at airport 3 hours before your flight, a bus is provided to accommodate majority flights from 9pm. If required we can arrange to book a car & driver for an extra charge if bus departure time does not suit you.