Connect IT Sponsor Manual
Private Cloud, Data Management, Storage
Welcome! This online document has been created to quickly assist each sponsor with their preparation to participate in the COMPUTERWORLD Connect IT Event Series.

  • General Information: The General Information page contains an outline of the program as well as the following sub-tabs:  Sponsorship Entitlements, Registration, and Best Practices (a quick list of proven best-practices to enhance your event preparation and onsite activities).
  • Event Cities:  City specific information including event venues, specific deadlines, shipping information and lead retrieval order.
In the event that alternate items were included (or excluded) from your contract, information will be sent under separate cover.
The Connect IT Series is open to titles of Manager + level that are from companies representing 100+ employees.  This excludes any marketing, sales, business development and consulting titles. 

If you have any questions regarding your sponsorship and any of the information in this manual, please do not hesitate to contact Rachel Lavallee at or at 508-820-8653

(Please note: Some details are still tentative. Information will be revised closer to the conference date.)