Why Aveda Education?

Aveda Education is inspiring, challenging and ever-changing. It is at the forefront of groundbreaking trends while grounded in fundamentals. It connects you with the industry's most talented artists and educators, who inspire and motivate you to advance your skills and grow your career.

What is Aveda Education?

Aveda Education is designed to advance your skills through inspiration, technical learning and hands-on practice. It is interactive and draws on your personal abilities and experience. Courses/programs are results-based and taught by skilled industry professionals who are passionate about both their craft and education.

What is Aveda Insalon Education?

Aveda Insalon Education brings inspiration to your team without leaving the salon or spa.  Aveda Global Education offers a wide variety of courses that bring the latest trends and techniques in hair, spa and makeup right to you.  Click Here for more details.

Course Level System

Carve your own path with Aveda Education. Whether you’re fresh on the scene or a seasoned professional, Aveda Education designs courses that inspire and challenge every skill level. Courses are grouped into four categories to help guide your education journey.


Establish the groundwork for growth with hands-on learning and practice that refine your skills, reveal your potential and provide you, including experienced professionals, with the Aveda foundation you need achieve long-term success.


Go beyond the fundamentals with in-depth courses designed to magnify your unique strengths while challenging you to develop in areas of opportunity.


Intensify learning, and take your skills to the next level with more intensive courses designed to drive your professional growth and propel your career forward.


Challenge yourself, and achieve maximum results with Aveda Advanced Academy, Aveda Advanced Spa Academy and Aveda Business College courses that will help you establish a place in the industry and distinguish you from other professionals.

Advanced Academy

Aveda Advanced Academy courses provide advanced training for hair stylists, hair colorists and makeup artists. They are led by trend-setting Aveda educators, editorial stylists, guest artists and salon owners who set the tone and direction for technical innovation, fashion and service around the world.

Aveda Advanced Spa Academy

Aveda Advanced Spa Academy courses provide advanced training for spa therapists. They are led by spa leaders who are experienced in Aveda Spa’s points of difference, advanced skin and massage techniques and holistic spa therapy.

Aveda Business College

Aveda Business College courses provide advanced training for salon/spa owners and managers. They are led by successful salon/spa owners who lend you their perspectives and experiences to help teach you how to manage, lead and drive your business.