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On-Demand Courses

See a course you want to take but want to tweak it a bit for your needs? MasterCard Academy can customize any of the Open courses found in the calendar for your organization and have it delivered at a location of your choice by our experts.

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On-Demand Training provides you with the most customized material on-site.

Benefits of On-Demand Courses:

  • Flexibility: Anytime, anyplace... at your convenience.
  • Confidentiality:¬†Address subjects that you would not want to tackle in open courses, particularly with regards to competitive issues.
  • Cross-Departmental training: Invite colleagues from various departments to attend that would normally not be able to participate.


MasterCard Academy's objective is to provide customers and partners with a high-quality educational platform that provides training and tools about MasterCard and the payments industry. MasterCard Academy provides an innovative and captivating approach to the concept of learning and development. The courses have been developed with the learner in mind, and introduce state-of-the-art dynamic learning techniques focused on securing business knowledge and academic excellence.

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