Annual European Chargeback Conference

Europe: October 17 - 18, 2013 in St. Julians, Malta

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  • Outside of the Hotel
  • Conference Room
  • Hotel Suite
  • Outside of the Hotel

Join industry experts and peers in Malta for the opportunity to share knowledge and best practices on key chargeback rules, procedures, and chargeback operations, vulnerabilities and techniques.  The two day European Chargeback Conference will provide information on effective decision making on even the most problematic disputes, cover chargeback reason codes and related issues and identify new or upcoming changes to the chargeback rules.

Join Us! Topic Highlights Include:

  • Ever changing world of Chargebacks
  • Major changes to the Chargeback Rules
  • Fraud & the Chargeback Process
  • Navigating Fraud related Disputes
  • Navigating Cardholders Disputes
  • Common Errors in Processing Disputes
  • The Chargeback Operations ‘Engine Room’ and Best Practice
  • Addressing Arbitration & Compliance Trends
  • Chargebacks in the changing regulatory world


  • “Workshop on Rules”  Will include the major chargeback rule changes coming into place in  October 2013, with details of the specific changes and how they will effect chargeback rights. There will be information on how to address disputes that do not have a chargeback right – by means of the compliance case filing process. ATM chargeback issues will be included in the discussion and information will be shared on the introduction of changes to MasterCom Pro.
  • "Workshop on Chargeback Operational Best Practices”  Includes discussion on the issues to be considered for chargeback operational best practice, from first customer contact and recognition of a dispute through the entire end to end chargeback life cycle operational process. Tips and guidance will be offered to understand what chargeback best practice looks like.  

Who Should Attend?

The European Chargeback Conference is appropriate for financial services and fraud security professionals including:

  • Payment Card Operations
  • Payment Card Processors
  • Merchants & Merchant Services
  • Member Service Providers (MSPs), Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), and Processors
  • Fraud Investigations and
  • Authorization and Chargeback Processing
  • Security and Portfolio Risk Management
  • Corporate Audit and Compliance